Fortnite Player Learns About Removed Feature the Hard Way


  • Fortnite’s Season OG brings nostalgic gameplay by removing swimming, a mechanic introduced in Chapter 2, and players have been caught off guard, falling to their deaths.
  • The current season also features a smaller Battle Pass with 50+ unlockable items, including remixes of fan-favorite skins, but still costs the same amount of V-Bucks.

One unlucky Fortnite player was reminded in the most brutal way possible that the game’s newest Season no longer features swimming, as they hopelessly fell to their death. Fortnite’s Season OG was recently released on November 3rd, and it brings some significant changes to the table, such as the complete removal of swimming. The reason for this lies in Season OG’s attempt to recreate the nostalgic gameplay of Fortnite‘s Chapter 1, during which the game did not feature the swimming mechanic, as it was only introduced in Chapter 2.

Fortnite’s latest Season is a throwback to 2018, as the battle royale game attempts to return to its roots, at least for one month, until Chapter 5 is released in December. Currently, players can enjoy the return of the popular Tilted Towers zone and battle it out using classic weapons from Chapter 1 such as the Assault Rifle and Pump Shotgun. Of course, original vehicles like the wacky Shopping Cart or the All Terrain Kart are not missing from the action. Epic is planning to progressively bring back more and more features from the title’s past with each major update.

Reddit user RedXaos seemingly forgot that swimming is currently removed from the current version of the game as they attempted a long jump from the top of a waterfall near the returning Greasy Grove location to the shallow waters below them. The player instantly realized that water could no longer mitigate fall damage as they fell to their death. The Redditor is certainly not the only player who fell victim to the removed swimming mechanic, as many other gamers commented that their characters met their demise in a similar way.

Beyond the interesting gameplay changes, Fortnite’s Season OG also features a smaller Battle Pass that includes 50+ unlockable items, many of which are remixes of fan-favorite skins such as Lil Split, a combination between Peely and Lil Whip, or Omegarok, a combatant who resembles the classic Omega and Ragnarok skins. Even though the current Battle Pass is not as big as the previous ones, it still costs the same amount of V-Bucks – 950.

For more competitive Fortnite enthusiasts, it is worth mentioning that since Season OG is much shorter than a regular season, rank progression has been adjusted to provide a more balanced experience as players will progress faster at the higher and middle ranks. In addition to that, players who are eliminated early in a match will face less severe penalties, and they will progress throughout the ranks slightly quicker.


Fortnite is a massively popular game that has several modes, the most famous of which is the online battle royale mode. In this mode, players collect items, build structures, and battle it out to be the ultimate victor.

PC, iOS, Mobile, Xbox One, Android, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Switch

July 25, 2017

Epic Games

Survival, Battle Royale

Online Multiplayer

Unreal Engine 5

T for Teen – Violence


Platforms That Support Crossplay
Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S

Source: Gamerant

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