Fortnite Fan Shows How WWE’s Bianca Belair Would Look in the Game

Epic Games is regularly collaborating with other companies to bring characters from countless different worlds into the world of Fortnite. One Fortnite fan recently took some time to imagine one of their favorite WWE women wrestlers when they created a Bianca Belair skin.

Twitter user NandKAnimations is known for doing animations of several different types and one of the things that they like to do is create new Fortnite skin concepts. The artist has created their own unique skins based on the art style of Fortnite including variations of Gymnasts in celebration of the Olympic Games, popular singer Ava Max, Jazz from Jet Set Radio Future, and now Bianca Belair from World Wrestling Entertainment.


NandKAnimations’ Bianca Belair skin notably features the WWE wrestler’s long braided hair which could be used as a Harvesting Tool in Fortnite if she eventually joins the Item Shop. Just as Belair uses her hair as a weapon in the WWE ring, NandKAnimations animated their skin concept to twirl her hair menacingly with a raised eyebrow. Although NandKAnimations’ Belair skin features a pink-and-white look for the former SmackDown Women’s Champion, the wrestler has many looks to pull from if Epic Games releases an actual Belair skin.

Bianca Belair isn’t NandKAnimations’ first WWE superstar Fortnite skin concept, as they’ve taken to Twitter to share their version of Liv Morgan in the past. Epic Games has yet to do a collaboration with WWE and it’s likely that Fortnite fans will get more recognizable characters such as WWE’s The Undertaker or John Cena before Bianca Belair, but this concept gives developers an idea of where to start. On top of celebrating NandKAnimations’ Bianca Belair skin concept, WWE fans are also clambering for Alexa Bliss, Bayley, and Roman Reigns skins.

WWE isn’t the only cast of characters that NandKAnimations has pulled from in creating Fortnite skin concepts as they’ve also been inspired by DC Comics on multiple occasions. Focusing on female DC Comics characters, NandKAnimations has created skin concepts for Punchline, Starfire, and Blackfire in addition to their own unique Raven. Raven was featured in Fortnite as part of Chapter 2 Season 6’s Battle Pass and it’s likely that more DC characters will join the roster as Batman, Superman, The Joker, and Wonder Woman are all already part of the battle royale.

Fortnite is known for implementing fan concepts into the battle royale, including some skins that have been created and several dances inspired by a competition held by Epic Games and various TikTok users. The Rock was recently unveiled as a primary Fortnite character known as The Foundation and the former WWE Champion joins this Season’s Battle Pass as the latest special skin. Previous Fortnite special skins include Marvel Comics’ Deadpool, and Wolverine, The Predator, and DC Comics’ Superman and Aquaman.

Fortnite is available right now for Android, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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