Fortnite Chapter 3 chicken locations: Where to find and how to fly chickens

Fortnite Winterfest’s new challenge asks you to fly with a chicken. As the most graceful of birds, the chicken is a noble choice for getting a little extra air while dodging bullets and snowball RPGs. That…or it’s just a solid way of getting some bonus XP.

Fortnite Chapter 3’s map is huge, though, and chickens are small. They also run away like cowards who are afraid of cartoon cats wielding katanas. So we’ve gone through the trouble of locating a reliable source of chickens and also teaching you how to fly a chicken in Fortnite so you can complete this latest challenge.

Here’s where to find chickens in Fortnite and how to fly a chicken.

Fortnite chicken location

In the map above, you’ll find a location that pretty reliably spawns chickens you can chase around to complete this challenge. Southwest of Rocky Reels, you’ll find a gas station and another building at an intersection.

Walk around the area, possibly off the road, and you’ll likely find at least a couple of chickens. Now here’s the tricky part.

How to fly with chickens in Fortnite

Where is your god now?

To fly with a chicken in Fortnite, one must become the chicken. Actually, no, you just need to catch it. Unfortunately, chickens are wily devils who can run faster than you.

So your best bet to capture a chicken and successfully grab it is to build a series of walls around the area to trap them. They’ll still try to run, but close them in anytime they move to one side or the other and eventually they’ll run out of area to run from you.

Then press your “F” key (or whatever button you use to pick up/interact) when you see the prompt appear above the chicken. It’s possible it will only flash for a second, if it’s wiggling and running around.

Once you pick up the chicken, your character will place it above their head. Now all you have to do is run and jump to activate the chicken’s flying ability. This gives you a slight low-gravity jump effect, courtesy of the chicken’s itty bitty wings, which suddenly have to support the weight of a sentient banana man.

To complete the challenge, you actually need to fly 200 meters with the chicken. Try to run to an area nearby that has a bit of height to it so you can fly for a longer amount of time. The rocky formations nearby work perfectly. You’ll periodically see the challenge card pop up to let you know how much progress you’ve made.

That’s it! You’ve completed the challenge and earned some bonus XP. Check out everything else you need to know about Fortnite Winterfest, or how to warm up by the yule log in Cozy Lodge.

Source: PC Gamer

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