Fortnite Adds More Content From The Matrix

Fortnite adds more content from The Matrix franchise to the game, including an iconic pair of emotes and a themed weapon wrap.

The Matrix is everywhere, and that now includes Fortnite. Beginning today, players can access new pieces of content directly taken from the famous reality-bending sci-fi franchise. Fortnite is adding a pair of Emotes based off of several iconic moves from the original film, as well as a creatively-themed weapon wrap.

News of Neo and Trinity’s arrival leaked as early as late November, with prominent leaker and dataminer HYPEX revealing a Fortnite collaboration with The Matrix would be coming in the second half of December. Details of the leak have proven to be true thus far, with one Emote stemming from Neo, and the other from Trinity.


Detailed in a post on Fortnite developer Epic Games’ official website, players can now get more content from the Follow the White Rabbit Set. Aptly named after the initial directive which ultimately leads Thomas Anderson (a.k.a. Neo) to meeting with Morpheus and escaping The Matrix, the set includes the Neo’s Bullet Time and Trinity’s Kick Emotes. For Neo’s Bullet Time, players will see their character dodge a flurry of bullets by leaning back in slow motion. For Trinity’s Kick, players will jump into the air and freeze for a few moments before unleashing a powerful kick.

In addition to the two new Emotes, the Folow the White Rabbit Set also includes the Ones and Zeros Wrap, which replicates the iconic cascading green glyphs onto any weapon in Fortnite. Players have actually had a chance at getting some cosmetics from The Matrix already, as the Sentinel Glider is available as part of Fortnite Winterfest 2021. The annual seasonal event is offering 14 free items this year, ranging from skins, to pickaxes, loading screens, gliders and more. For those who’ve yet to unwrap the Sentinel Glider, its in the same Ones and Zeros Wrap now available.


With emotes, wrap, and a glider, the one thing blatantly missing is some skins from The Matrix. The presence of Matrix-related content almost certainly stems from the franchise’s highly anticipated upcoming sequel, The Matrix Resurrections, so it stands to reason a Neo and Trinity skin will be released closer to the film’s release date. If Neo does come to Fortnite, it would actually be the second incarnation of actor Keanu Reeves added to the battle royale. Reeves’ likeness has previously taken the form of John Wick, the titular character of the popular John Wick film franchise.

The addition of content from The Matrix adds another IP notch into Fortnite‘s unrivaled crossover belt. With severe weather like tornadoes rumored to be coming to Fortnite, players may soon be able to fly around just like Neo, whether or not he ultimately drops in.

Fortnite is free-to-play for PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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