Forspoken Reveals 10 Minutes of New Gameplay at Gamescom

Despite two substantial delays, Forspoken, Luminous Productions and Square Enix’s upcoming action-RPG, continues to move forward in development. Square Enix has shared deeper looks at Forspoken‘s story and gameplay at events over the summer. The ongoing Gamescom convention in Germany is no different. Square Enix is back with a 10-minute-long video featuring an extended look at Forspoken including a great selection of combat and traversal gameplay.

The extended look at Forspoken starts with a brief reintroduction to the game, for those who may not be familiar with the action-RPG. It introduces Forspoken‘s protagonist, Frey Holland, her encounter with a strange magical bracelet, and her transportation from real-world New York to the strange fantastical land of Athia. It also introduces Forspoken‘s antagonists, the Tantas, who are evil sorceresses that wield their powers to control the populace of Athia. Fittingly, Frey is seen as a hero to the remaining Athians and is set on a collision course with the Tantas.


Following the video’s introduction, players are introduced to the city of Cipal. Cipal is described as a safe haven from a corrupting force known as the Break. Frey journeys to Cipal and starts a questline, first talking to an NPC who tasks her with finding the tools they’ll need to create a new armor set for Frey. The NPC, Athian archivist Johedy, is fully voiced, helping bring the setting of Cipal and its inhabitants closer to real.

With a new quest to lead her forward, Frey explores into the regions of Praenost and Avoalet. Each area is corrupted and full of enemy forces. With so much time to show off Forspoken‘s gameplay, the trailer offers an in-depth look at Frey’s abilities both in combat and while traversing the open world. Many of Forspoken‘s exploration mechanics are also touched on, including treasure chests, Pilgrims’ Refuges, and various other points of interest.

The trailer ends with Frey returning the tools she was searching for, and she receives from Johedy a necklace as a reward. The trailer then provides a montage of short clips teasing more spectacular abilities for Frey to wield, more frightening enemies to battle, and bigger story beats to experience. There’s even a strange and mysterious winged cat teased.

Needless to say, while Forspoken‘s release date may have been delayed into 2023, development is still progressing significantly. A 10-minute trailer full of gameplay, a substantial look at the game’s open world, combat, and traversal, is no simple thing to make. And those interested in Forspoken can expect plenty more in the months between now and launch.

Forspoken releases January 23 on PC and PS5.

Source: Gamerant

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