Former Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Director Joins New Wizards of the Coast Horror Game Studio

Wizards of the Coast announces Skeleton Key, a new video game studio, led by veterans including a big name from Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Wizards of the Coast has been making big plays across the industry, between its acquisition of D&D Beyond, the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons: Honor among Thieves movie, and its recent announcement of One D&D. On top of these big announcements, Wizards of the Coast just announced Skeleton Key, a new video game studio led by industry veterans.

Skeleton Key was formally revealed to the world on July 26th. More recently, veteran game developer and writer Charles Boyd revealed he was joining Skeleton Key as its new creative director.


Until recently, Boyd was the creative director for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Boyd joined BioWare to work on SWTOR in 2006, where he became lead writer in 2012. By 2015, he became lead creative designer, and was promoted to creative director in 2016 until his departure from The Old Republic in early August 2022. Now, Boyd has joined the crew of Skeleton Key as one of its leadership.

Very little is known about Skeleton Key’s future projects at present. According to its website, the video game studio seems to be aiming for the suspense and horror genre, and hopes to “guide players to have fun while facing their fears.” Players can only speculate if its first project will be a single player game, a live service MMORPG like The Old Republic, or something completely new. Though only a couple of developers have been revealed as employees of Skeleton Key, players may be able to get a glimpse at what its next project may look like once more of its crew goes public.

Fans of The Old Republic had their attention drawn to Skeleton Key upon learning Boyd was involved. He has been a part of the Star Wars: The Old Republic for its entire lifespan until this point, and he is well-loved by his fans and former fellows. After his bittersweet departure from BioWare, many fans can’t wait to see what quality games Boyd helps make next.

The Austin-based game studio promises transparency, respect, and empathy from its membership, all promising and desired qualities in video game developers in light of recent controversies across the industry. It is actively seeking new developers to join its team, and wants to build an inclusive and diverse team. Hopefully, the new Wizards of the Coast studio will be able to deliver on these promises as it develops its team and future projects, and avoid unfortunately common studio pitfalls like crunch and hostile work environments.

Source: Skeleton Key

Source: Gamerant

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