Final Fantasy Creator Hironobu Sakaguchi’s New Free Company in FF14 Just Got a House

Since he began his Final Fantasy 14 journey near the end of 2021, players have been watching the adventures of Hironobu Sakaguchi–the father of the Final Fantasy franchise–in Eorzea. Now, Sakaguchi and his close friends have bought a house in Final Fantasy 14 for their Free Company.

At the end of May, Sakaguchi and his friends formed a new Free Company in Final Fantasy 14. They named their free company SQUARE, after the original iteration of the company now known as Square Enix which he formerly worked for.


After forming the Free Company, Sakaguchi and SQUARE sought to win a house through the new Housing Lottery System in Final Fantasy 14. Their plan was to name the house the SQUARE Development Office. Unfortunately, they lost their first lottery pull.

However, Sakaguchi’s patience paid off. He and SQUARE got their house in the next lottery and promptly began decorating it. They showed off the different rooms as they completed them, including an amazing one themed after the iconic Malboro/Morbol monsters of Final Fantasy infamy. They also designed a music room inspired by Final Fantasy 4 and Final Fantasy 6, complete with a stage and dozens of musical instruments.

The SQUARE Development Office also has a private studio with a white background and lighting–an excellent place to take screenshots with /gpose. Sakaguchi also dressed up a mannequin as Frog from Chrono Trigger, which Sakaguchi has left in the studio for visitors to take screenshots of. He even branded the mannequin with his Final Fantasy 14 clothing brand, affectionately titled “sakaGUCCHI.”

Lastly, Sakaguchi’s Free Company designed a secret room in the basement of the house with 108 Level Checker monitors. The spooky secret room looks like it came straight out of the Matrix.

Final Fantasy 14 fans are loving the house Sakaguchi and his Free Company have designed. They love watching the creativity of the Father of Final Fantasy as he dives into the extensive world of Final Fantasy 14 housing design and /gpose screenshots, and many are eager to share their own houses with him.

Sakaguchi himself has invited his fellow Final Fantasy 14 players to come visit the SQUARE Development Office, which can be found in the 15th ward of the Lavender Beds on the Anima server. Unfortunately, only players on the Mana Data Center can currently visit the house, but with the Data Center Travel system coming to Final Fantasy 14, all players on Japanese Data Centers can come and visit the SQUARE Development Office soon.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now for PC, PS4, and PS5.

Source: Gamerant

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