Final Fantasy 9 Fan Makes Incredible Vivi Statue as Christmas Present

A fan of Final Fantasy 9 shares that they personally sculpted the title’s black mage Vivi to give away as a special Christmas present.

Iconic Japanese RPGs like the Final Fantasy series are often known for introducing fictional characters that worm their way into the hearts of the players. In Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 9, many of the game’s fans would likely agree that the black mage Vivi is one of the most recognizable and well-loved characters from the game. Recently, an FF9 fan shared that they personally sculpted a special Christmas present in the form of FF9‘s petite black mage.


Though the gaming community may see more updates and projects about popular titles such as Final Fantasy 7 and 14 from Square Enix, the company seems to have recognized that Final Fantasy 9 has its own community of highly-dedicated fans. This explains why there are more FF9-focused initiatives being produced, such as the upcoming FF9 animated series. With many of the game’s characters also appearing in spin-off titles and official merchandise, fans are likely highly inspired to produce their own art and content about Final Fantasy 9.

To showcase their artistic skills, Reddit user NickelessFox posted about the handmade Vivi sculpture they created on the forum. In the photo, the sculpture is seen sitting on a table, and colored in a metallic bronze finish. Though the statue looks a bit more elongated than the original Final Fantasy 9 version of Vivi, the sculpture’s oversized hat, wooden cane, iconic coat, and oval eyes are too reminiscent of the character to be mistaken for anyone else.

The Redditor mentioned that the Vivi figure was made to be a Christmas present, though they did not indicate who would receive it. Many comments on the thread expressed how amazed and impressed they were about how the statue looks. Being Final Fantasy 9 fans as well, some stated that they would definitely not mind receiving such a nice present as well. Contrary to many of the comments on the thread believing that the statue was made out of actual bronze, NickelessFox shared that they used Sculpey, a type of modeling clay instead. Bronze paint was used to give the sculpture that nice, metallic finish.

Original creations such as NickelessFox’s version of Vivi are just one of many fan-made projects inspired by Final Fantasy 9. Fans are likely hopeful that Square Enix will take more notice, and recognize the popularity of the video game. In time, the company may finally consider producing a remake of the video game. Something that FF9 fans are most likely waiting for.

Final Fantasy 9 is available now on PC, PS1, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

Source: Gamerant

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