Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gets Character Customization Mod on PC

A new Final Fantasy 7 Remake mod lets players adjust the hair, eye, and clothing colors of party members Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, and more.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake was a huge graphical overhaul from the original PS1 release. While much of the fanbase was happy to see their favorite characters in gorgeous current-gen graphics, there’s likely some who wish they could have had additional options to change their party members’ appearances.

Courtesy of a new mod, players can do just that. Those who are interested in changing the hair, eye, or clothing colors of Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Red XIII, Aerith, or Yuffie can do so on the recent PC release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.


The new mod comes courtesy of users Narknon and YudoKubos on NexusMods. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake PC mod shares a variety of images showcasing what players can choose from for each of the characters. While it’s not quite as complex as allowing users to pick from every color of the rainbow, Cloud is seen with options of red, grey, and black hair, with a range of vivid eye colors, like yellow, purple, and red. The others aren’t left out either, as Tifa is featured with blue hair, Aerith with spooky pale eyes, Yuffie with a purple top, and Barret with white hair and glowing eyes.


It’s noted that players will need to download additional software in the form of basemod 3dmigoto in order to use the color swaps. However, swapping color palettes is easy once both mods are in place, as users can cycle through the options with hotkeys.

Despite the fact that Final Fantasy 7 Remake originally launched on the PS4, it hasn’t stopped gamers from modding the game since the beginning. Alternate costumes and looks are quite common in some JRPGs, but Final Fantasy 7 has been relatively limited in that scope. However, by tampering with the game’s save data, players were able to make Cloud wear a dress through the entire game.

Fans eagerly awaited the Final Fantasy 7 Remake‘s release on PC. Unfortunately, PC players quickly discovered that Final Fantasy 7 Remake‘s PC version had performance issues, as well as a lack of graphic adjustment options. While some are still struggling with these issues, especially those who lack modern graphics cards, modders have stepped in here as well, allowing users to make adjustments to reduce frame rate drops and to improve the game’s appearance.

Part 2 of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake still doesn’t have a release window, so there’s no telling when players will get their hands on it, PC or otherwise. With so much time elapsing between entries, though, perhaps Square Enix will look into adding some new cosmetic options itself when the next part launches.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is available now for PC, PS4, and PS5.

Source: NexusMods, DSOGaming

Source: Gamerant

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