Final Fantasy 7 Remake files and folders reference a Steam release

One year and eight months after its PlayStation 4 release, Final Fantasy 7 Remake finally made it to PC, available on the Epic Games Store and only the Epic Games Store from December 16. Have a look in the game files, however, and you’ll find a Steamworks subdirectory under Engine/Binaries/ThirdParty. Hop a couple of folders further down and there’s also a steam_api64.dll file. It seems likely, as with so many games before it, that Final Fantasy 7 Remake will remain exclusive to the Epic Games Store for the usual 6-12 months before being available elsewhere.

Backing this up further, a look inside the WindowsEngine.ini file shows a reference to a SeamDevAppID. Here that ID is in the unofficial SteamDB, where the staff have already labeled it Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Another reason you might want to hold off is that Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s PC port is a major disappointment, lacking basic options like a Vsync toggle or anti-aliasing settings. Some players are reporting issues with stuttering too. Running around the slums area I see framerates momentarily drop by 30 fps, even with a GTX 3080 and other specs well above the Final Fantasy 7 Remake system requirements.

It’s a shame, because I’m enjoying it so far. I didn’t play the original until I was an adult, however, so I don’t have any of the nostalgia that made Fraser recently declare that Final Fantasy 7 Remake took a dump on his childhood.

Source: PC Gamer

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