Final Fantasy 7 Remake Fan Shares Hilarious Video of Cat Wanting to Meet In-Game Cats

An adorable video shows a Final Fantasy 7 Remake player’s cat being rather excitable at just how many kitties can be found at the start of the game.

One Final Fantasy 7 Remake player has managed to record a cute moment of their cat wanting to interact with their game. While there are many stories of pets wanting to be a part of players’ experiences with their favorite games, it’s usually rather rare for any animal companions to be interested in whatever their owner is doing with their controller and screen. However, this new video not only shows a pet cat being rather interested in what’s going on in the game, but almost wanting to jump inside the screen to make new friends.


In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, as players make their way through the Sector 7 Slums, they can find a small area that’s home to a fair few feline friends. While the cats in FF7R don’t seem to like Cloud’s company much, if players stay put, they’ll eventually walk around the mercenary and stay around him for longer than they would while he’s moving. This little area in Sector 7 isn’t just favored by the in-game cats, but apparently real ones, too.

Reddit user Lumine_simp31 has shared a video that shows Cloud in the little cat covered corner of Sector 7, standing still as the little animal friends have surrounded him, but then the camera turns to the left and reveals Lumine_simp31’s cat staring intently at the screen. The interest only grows as the in-game camera is tilted downwards to reveal more kitties wandering around the area, and eventually the player’s cat becomes so interested that they jump down from the couch they’re standing on top of to get even closer to the TV screen, and the other animals.

The caption of the video makes the situation seem both adorable and somewhat sad as Lumine_simp31 comments “I think my cat needs more friends,” implying that the reason their kitty seems so all over the cats in Final Fantasy 7 Remake is because they want to get to know them. If one watches the video closely, they can even see that the feline’s eyes remain trained on the other cats. A comment on the post playfully suggests that Lumine_simp31’s cat is “the only cat that seems to like Cloud” after how they typically run away from him in FF7R.

It’s a rather sweet and wholesome thought to think that the player’s cat saw all the other critters walking around and immediately wanted to be friends with them, possible loneliness aside. With how alert that cat seems to be, Lumine_simp31 must have had a fun time with their pet watching their screen as they played through the Lost Friends side quest in FF7R, as that required players to track down three different white cats around the map. Sadly, Sector 7 is the only area with so many potential friends, so later parts of the game might not have been as interesting to the pet.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is available on PC, PS4, and PS5.

Source: Gamerant

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