Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children Costumes Arrive in The First Soldier

Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier will be receiving a set of cosmetics based on another Final Fantasy 7 spinoff, Advent Children.

Square Enix surprised plenty of fans when the JRPG juggernaut announced that one of the developer’s flagship franchises would be receiving a Final Fantasy battle royale title in Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier. The seventh mainline entry in the long-running RPG series has seen renewed attention from Square Enix in recent years following the massive success of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Now, The First Soldier will honor another part of the classic RPG’s plethora of spinoffs with a new series of costumes.


The announcement of Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier came at a time when excitement for the future of the franchise was riding high, being announced alongside Final Fantasy 7 Remake‘s Intergrade re-release and a re-telling of the canon in Ever Crisis: Final Fantasy 7. The First Soldier was announced to serve as a prequel to the original JRPG, shifting it into a battle royale shooter akin to popular titles like Fortnite and PUBG Battlegrounds. Now, the newest member of FF7‘s expansive library of spinoffs will be receiving a set of costumes based on another spinoff, the movie Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children.

The official Twitter account for The First Soldier announced on Tuesday that the game would be receiving several new skins based on Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children. New “Premium Shinra Packs” will be added to the game featuring skins based on Cloud, Tifa, and Barret’s appearances in Advent Children. The packs also have a chance of including a Fenrir Bike bike skin based on Cloud’s motorcycle in the movie as well as Fusion Sword cosmetics.

The skins, however, will be locked behind a limited-time gacha banner requiring players to spend their in-game currency to roll for a chance to acquire them. The bundle will be priced at 300 Shinra Currency or 5 Premium Shinra Tickets with the game currently running a promotion allowing players to earn a significant amount of tickets while playing. Gacha systems have seen significant criticism in recent years following the widespread success of games like Genshin Impact and Raid: Shadow Legends.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake has helped to re-establish the seventh mainline Final Fantasy as one of the most iconic properties in gaming history. The remake has been a huge success for Square Enix with FF7R recently being ported to PC and Sony recently finally allowing PS Plus owners of the game to upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version. With Ever Crisis set to arrive as a mobile re-telling and the second entry in the Remake series currently in development, Final Fantasy 7 will look to continue its reign of dominance well into the future.

Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier is available now for iOS and Android devices.

Source: Siliconera

Source: Gamerant

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