Final Fantasy 16 is Famitsu’s Most Wanted Game of 2022

According to readers of the popular Japanese video gaming magazine, Famitsu, Final Fantasy 16 is the most eagerly awaited release of 2022.

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 16 has garnered an awful lot of attention since the game’s initial announcement, and the series’ considerable community seems to be eager to see what it’s all about. The readers of Famitsu, the popular Japanese gaming magazine, have cast their votes on what the most exciting upcoming release of 2022 might be, and the next Final Fantasy won.

This news comes as part of Famitsu’s established “most wanted” games chart, where the community votes on what they’re most excited to play. Though the competition was fierce, what with Bayonetta 3 and Gran Turismo 7 in the equation, Final Fantasy 16 ended up winning with 625 votes in total.


It’s almost hard to believe that it’s been a whopping 6 years since Final Fantasy 15 came out, and the franchise’s loyal community seems to be quite significant indeed. There’s the looming promise of the upcoming Spring 2022 reveal for Final Fantasy 16, too, which is sure to have helped the hype engines along to some extent. On a similar note, it’s interesting that the game managed to beat a number of other huge releases that are slated for 2022.

final fantasy 16 clive

Namely, FromSoftware’s own Elden Ring only got to 12th place, while the next iteration of the cult classic Gran Turismo series nested at 9th place. Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 got to 5th place, with Splatoon 3 and Bayonetta 3 holding third and second place, respectively. This means that even though Final Fantasy 16 is strangely absent from Square Enix’s 2022 launch schedule, it still has enough organic pull to beat virtually all of its competitors, no matter the genre.

Even though Final Fantasy 16‘s main narrative was wrapped up in October 2021, details on what the game is about are still relatively scarce. This may be a good sign for the game’s story, and a solid way for Square Enix to keep its audience intrigued by the game’s premise.

It goes without saying that this is an incredibly impressive showing for Square Enix’s flagship franchise, but it’s also worth remembering that these results are fairly localized. Famitsu is an Asian-oriented magazine, after all, and these results reflect its specific community’s tastes. The fact that Final Fantasy 16 is a dedicated fantasy game, seemingly without any science-fiction elements, may also be helping its popularity along.

Final Fantasy 16 is in development for PS5.

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