Final Fantasy 14 Valentine’s Day 2023 Event Starts Next Week

The annual season of love and admiration returns to Final Fantasy 14 next week, as Eorzea’s version of Valentine’s Day will have new rewards to earn.

Final Fantasy 14 will play host to its version of Valentine’s Day starting next week. The event will run for a limited time and will have new rewards for players to collect. Per tradition, Final Fantasy 14 players will also have a new story to experience alongside the holiday festivities.

Like other seasonal events, the holidays featured in Final Fantasy 14 have real-world counterparts that they draw inspiration from. The previous holiday featured in the game was the annual Heavensturn event, which was based on the Lunar New Year and focused on the Year of the Rabbit this time. The game’s seasonal holidays last for no more than two weeks at a time, and the rewards from previous iterations of any given holiday are made available one year after their initial debut via the Final Fantasy 14 Online Store.


This year’s edition of Valentine’s Day in Final Fantasy 14, known in-game as Valentione’s Day, will begin next Wednesday, February 1, starting at 12 AM Pacific. The event will conclude two weeks later on Wednesday, February 15, just before 7 AM Pacific. The 2023 version of Valentione’s Day has been subtitled “To Thine Own Love Be True” and the festivities will be hosted in the woodland city of Gridania. Players that want to take part in the festivities can accept the level 15 quest “Suited for Affection” by speaking to Lisette de Valentione at Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre, which is the same location that the Starlight Celebration was hosted in December 2022.

This year’s rewards for completing the associated quests include a new “Eat Chocolate” emote, a Valentione’s Heart Desk for players to use in their houses, and a coffer containing a set of Vested or Frilled Emissary’s Attire based on the player character’s chosen gender. The choice to include gender-locked gear for this year’s event was heavily criticized by Final Fantasy 14 players on social media. Some players additionally pointed out that when Patch 6.3 was released just two weeks ago, a few outfits acquired from past Valentione’s Day events were gender-unlocked after a considerable amount of time had passed since their debut. However, both the Vested and Frilled Emisarry’s Attire will be available to purchase with gil while the event is ongoing, so players can stock up ahead of time in the event that Square Enix chooses to gender-unlock both outfits in the future.

During last year’s edition of Valentione’s Day, a Postmoogle-themed Chocobo barding and a heart-shaped mobile were the items that Final Fantasy 14 players could earn. Those two items, along with past Valentione’s Day items, will go on sale on the Online Store starting next week. Players that wish to pick up a festive item or two should shop and save accordingly.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now for PC, PS4, and PS5.

Source: Square Enix

Source: Gamerant

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