Final Fantasy 14 Stream Awkwardly Interrupted by Cat During Major Cutscene

While a lot of games can be played casually, getting to the end of an MMORPG quest line is typically something that takes plenty of time, focus, and coordination with others. Players are often rewarded for their dedication with loot, but also cutscenes advancing the story and celebrating their character’s achievements. Unfortunately for one Final Fantasy 14 streamer, their reward was abruptly interrupted by their cat.

Final Fantasy 14’s latest expansion, Endwalker, launched under a month ago. Players who haven’t had login issues have been blazing their way through the story content, and it was one such player whose important cutscene was interrupted.


Streamer Sloot has been sharing his adventures through Eorzea on Twitch, and was recording his reaction to one of the final cutscenes in Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker. As his character and party gazed at the sky during the ‘You’re Not Alone’ main scenario quest, his cat entered view of his camera. Sloot suddenly shifts his attention away from the game and entirely to his cat, ‘Little One,’ as it becomes clear that the cat is starting to throw up right next to him, directly onto his gaming PC.

Sloot gently chided his cat as he worked to capture the vomit with a napkin and prevent it from doing damage to his PC. Aside from the cat getting sick during a major fight, its timing couldn’t have been much worse. However, it didn’t take long before Sloot was cracking up at the predicament, all while the livestream chat reacted with varying levels of disgust and amusement at the situation. Ultimately, it appears that the PC escaped unscathed, thanks to the quick actions of Sloot. Others haven’t always been so lucky, with at least one Twitch streamer’s cat destroying their computer by throwing up onto it.

Fellow gamers have commiserated with Sloot, describing the panic that overcomes a pet owner when their pet’s stomach suddenly turns sour. Others have pointed out that Sloot is playing a male Miqo’te, and joked that the cat may have objected to it. Jokes aside, it seems that the cat is doing well, and was simply having an inexplicable stomach upset as cats sometimes do.

While most viewers that day probably weren’t expecting to see anything particularly interesting to do with Sloot’s pet cat on-stream, it certainly created a memorable moment for Sloot and viewers alike. Thankfully, Sloot’s gentle handling of his cat is much more respectable than streamers who have been accused of pet abuse in the past. One can only hope the cat’s stomach remains settled for Sloot’s future streams.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now for PC, PS4, and PS5.

Source: Gamerant

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