Final Fantasy 14: Make It Rain Campaign Gold Saucer Event Returns with Amazing Emote Rewards

In Final Fantasy 14, early summer can be a holiday event dead zone, and the multiple-month wait between Hatching-tide and the Moonfire Faire and Rising events can be a drag. To fill the gap, Final Fantasy 14 just announced the return of the Gold Saucer-centric Make It Rain Campaign.

The event will begin on June 3rd and will run all the way until early morning on June 20th, giving players just over two weeks to participate. Players of level 15 or higher can participate as long as they have completed the first level 15 Main Scenario Quest, and can begin the questline by speaking to Ollier, the NPC who unlocks the Gold Saucer outside the Ul’dahn aetheryte plaza.


As in previous years, the Final Fantasy 14 Make It Rain Campaign will include a 50% bonus to MGP gained during the event. Several MGP prizes, including the Gold Saucer mini-game housing items, will be discounted for the duration, and some limited-time cosmetics from prior iterations of the event will also be obtainable. Additionally, the event’s quest will reward the Show Left and Show Right emotes–a new emote as delightful as it is memeable.

Since its first run in 2016, the Make It Rain Campaign has returned once every year. In addition to the event’s unique emotes, cosmetics, and mystery-cracking questlines, it also typically features an abundance of recognizable NPCs populating the Gold Saucer. With Endwalker finished, it is possible players could see some of the beloved characters from Endwalker trying their luck at the Gold Saucer’s attractions.

Players always love the return of the Make It Rain Campaign. While Final Fantasy 14 has made it significantly easier to accumulate MGP in recent years, the Make It Rain Campaign allow fans to quickly gather MGP for even the most expensive rewards. With a wide variety of mounts, hairstyles, minions, and more, this event is the perfect time for new Final Fantasy 14 players to collect cosmetics they otherwise might not have.

Final Fantasy 14 also recently announced Patch 6.15, which launches only a few days after the Make It Rain Campaign. In addition to PvP action balance changes, it is also adding a new Tribal Quest, Custom Deliveries, and more wacky adventures with the wayward son of the Manderville Gold Saucer’s proprietor, Godbert Manderville. Between the patch, the Gold Saucer event, and Patch 6.2 in a couple of months, Final Fantasy 14 players have plenty to look forward to.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now for PC, PS4, and PS5.

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