Final Fantasy 14 Hosting Halloween Event in January

Final Fantasy 14 gives players a nightmare after Christmas with its All Saints’ Wake event three months after Halloween, full of spooktacular rewards.

Due to the timing of the Endwalker expansion, Final Fantasy 14 had to delay it’s All Saints’ Wake Halloween event so it could focus on its new release. Three months later, Final Fantasy 14 is finally bringing the fun and frightful event back, and with unique, high-quality rewards no less.

All Saints’ Wake is one of Final Fantasy 14’s holiday events. The Halloween-themed event often includes a charming story involving the Continental Circus–a group of fiendish voidsent masquerading as circus performers–and offers unique rewards ranging from minions and mounts to decorations and cosmetics.


The Continental Circus returns to Final Fantasy 14 again this year, giving players old and new a chance to involve themselves in the charlatans’ tricks and treats. This year’s rewards consist of a dyeable clown outfit, clown makeup customization, and pumpkin furnishings for houses. Players who complete the level 15 quest, “It’s Probably Pirates,” can get the event quest, “All Clowns’ Wake,” from the Adventurers’ Guild Investigator in Old Gridania, who will be outside the Mih Khetto Amphitheatre from January 20th through February 2nd, giving new players time to do the event when Final Fantasy 14 resumes sales on the 25th.

ffxiv halloween event rewards clown glamour furnishings

All Saints’ Wake has had a rocky history over the last couple of years. The event was canceled in 2020 due to COVID-19, replaced with a Halloween-themed Make it Rain Campaign event. Between this and the 2021 event’s delay, All Saints’ Wake is the only FF14 event to be absent from the game for two years, and assuming the event happens again this October, will be the only one to appear twice in the same year.

Halloween-loving FF14 players agree later is better than never. All Saints’ Wake is one of the most popular events in Final Fantasy 14, thanks to fun features and high-quality rewards. This year is no different–despite the polarized reception to clowns, the individual parts of the clown outfit are detailed and stylish, like the top hat with nose, and will provide many options for glamour lovers to customize their favorite FF14 outfits. Additionally, the addition of face paint character customization options is something that has not happened since All Saints’ Wake 2014’s bat facial tattoos, giving players hope that more character customization could appear both in and out of events.

Some players think it is a little silly Final Fantasy 14 is throwing All Saints’ Wake so late, especially since Final Fantasy 14 is just wrapping its Heavensturn event for the holiday season. It is understandable Final Fantasy 14 didn’t want to skip All Saints’ Wake twice in a row, but there is something bizarre about Halloween in late January. Nevertheless, from the quality of the rewards alone, players can tell Final Fantasy 14 was dedicated to providing a fun, if tardy, Halloween season for its players.

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker is currently live on PC, PS4, and PS5, and will be available for purchase on January 25th.

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