Final Fantasy 14 Fans Create Infographic Explaining Grand Company Progression and Rewards

A Final Fantasy 14 fan group makes an easy-to-follow guide for progressing through the game’s Grand Company ranks and unlock special rewards.

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker is so popular Square Enix had to temporarily stop selling new copies of the critically-acclaimed MMORPG while it handles server congestion issues. For the millions of players lucky enough to have it already, a fan group called the Phookas has made an exceptional infographic that outlines the game’s Grand Company system, as well as some of the best rewards available through it.

The three major city-states of Eorzea each have a Grand Company–the Limsa Lominsan Maelstrom, the Gridanian Order of the Twin Adders, and the Ul’dahn Immortal Flames–one of which players must join early on in the story of Final Fantasy 14. Though players can freely switch between Grand Companies with a small fee and waiting period, the Phookas’ infographic demystifies many frequently-asked questions about the system.


The infographic itself details the ranks for each Grand Company, from Private Third Class through Captain, and the requirements to climb them. It details the process of gaining promotions, trading Grand Companies, and the best ways to get Company Seals–the currency used by Grand Companies. Perhaps most importantly, the Phookas laid out the rewards players can unlock through their Grand Companies, including Daily Deliveries to level FF14’s crafters and gatherers, Adventurer Squadrons to unlock special rewards and missions, and special emotes, items, and gear.

The Phookas have put out dozens of infographics shining light on the many systems in place within Final Fantasy 14. Their infographics and videos cover systems from game mechanics and rewards systems to release timelines and events. They even collaborate with other Final Fantasy 14 fan groups to combine their expertise to help make the community shine.

Every time the Phookas release a Final Fantasy 14 infographic, their fellow players learn something new–even veterans. With this most recent infographic, the brand new Materiel Containers–loot boxes that contain random minions or mounts–was the most valuable piece of intel. Available for 20,000 company seals each, these containers can yield rare items worth over a million gil each. Because they were just added with the new expansion, and because they are only available to those at the maximum Captain rank, not many players knew about them yet.

After over eight years on the market, Final Fantasy 14 has tons of nooks and crannies to get lost in. The hard work given by fan groups like the Phookas is exactly why Final Fantasy 14 is lauded for having such a positive community. By sharing their knowledge and love of the game, they can help other players enjoy every aspect of it as much as they do.

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker is out now for PC, PS4, and PS5, but is temporarily unavailable for purchase.

Source: Phookas Website

Source: Gamerant

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