Final Fantasy 14 Fan Makes Monk Job Controller Out of a WiiMote

A Final Fantasy 14 fan makes a controller using Wii Nunchuks that can activate Monk job abilities with actual jabs and uppercuts.

There is seemingly no end to the creative genius of gamers, and Final Fantasy 14’s playerbase is no exception. One Final Fantasy 14 fan has made a special controller for the Monk job that uses a Wii Nunchuk to make actual punches, jabs, and uppercuts activate abilities and skills.

The controller was made by Super Louis 64, known as the “Controller Bender.” An endless wellspring of creativity, Super Louis 64 has made controllers for several Final Fantasy 14 jobs, including the Bard and Samurai.


This latest controller made by Super Louis 64 is activated via motion sensors using a Wii Nunchuk like in Wii Sports Boxing, but with a lot of extra work put into it. Certain abilities are mapped to specific motions–for example, jabbing twice and uppercutting once performs a basic Monk combo. He also mapped PvP abilities to the controllers, so he could test the gloves out in Final Fantasy 14’s new Crystalline Conflict PvP mode. The controller’s systems were so tight that they translated over perfectly to Elden Ring’s fist weapons–something that might inspire a special run in the future.

When Super Louis 64 set out to make this boxing controller, he initially played around with using motion detection instead. However, with the spirited flips and spins of the Monk job’s animations, such a controller proved impossible. He also considered using a punching bag loaded with pressure detection hardware, but his apartment proved too small for such a set-up. Eventually, he settled on using the Wii Nunchuks as a baseline to make the boxing glove controller–a process that involved duct-taping a WiiMote to his hand for a couple of hours to gather data.

Though many gamers have made creative controllers for plenty of games, Super Louis 64 has an impressive resume on his own. He beat the Elden Ring bosses Godrick and Bloodhound Knight Darriwil with a banana controller and Ring Fit Adventure ring respectively. He has made dozens of absurd and amazing controllers over the years and is already working on another–a Dark Knight controller he has been working on for some time.

Super Louis 64’s fellow players are often amazed by the creativity of his controllers. Many wish his custom controllers were available for their own games, so they could give them a try. The Final Fantasy 14 Monk job controller not only seemed like a fun way to play and get exercise at the same time but reasonably effective as well–though none of his controllers is the most optimal way to play, he was actually able to win several PvP matches with this one. Many of Super Louis 64’s fans cannot wait to see what crazy controllers he comes up with next.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5.

Source: Gamerant

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