Final Fantasy 14 Fan Animates Custom Limit Break for Godbert Manderville

A Final Fantasy 14 fan creates a custom limit break animation for the goldsmith extraordinaire and future Relic Weapon crafter, Godbert Manderville.

Recently, Final Fantasy 14 announced the Relic Weapon Quest for Endwalker would involve Godbert Manderville, a hilarious character from the comedic Hildibrand questlines. To commemorate this hilarious crossover, one Final Fantasy 14 player created a custom Limit Break animation for the Manderville Man.

Godbert Manderville is the father of Hildibrand Manderville, the Gentleman Inspector and main character of his eponymous questline in Final Fantasy 14. Though Godbert himself primarily appears in his son’s quests, he is an established character in the lore and is a member of the Syndicate council which governs the city-state of Ul’dah, the most talented goldsmith in Eorzea, and the proprietor of the Gold Saucer.


The Limit Break video was created by Junjou Laina, a professional model editor, photographer, and videographer, with expertise in Final Fantasy 14. In the Limit Break, named Goldsmite Omega, Godbert flexes his fancy coatee off as he strikes his signature Manderville pose. He then conjures a truly massive hammer from the bowels of a familiar chasm on the moon, which rockets down to Etheirys to crush his foes as he power squats in the foreground.

Junjou Laina has created nearly a dozen custom Limit Break cinematics at this point. From the arctic-themed “Winter’s Fury” for a furious Warrior character to a piratical cataclysm called “Tidebreaker,” each of the Limit Breaks combines original animation and angles with existing particle effects to evoke the feeling of old-school Final Fantasy Limit Breaks, Overdrives, and Quickenings. Laina has even created custom Limit Breaks for other popular Final Fantasy characters like Thancred and Y’shtola. Their gallery of custom Limit Breaks can be found on their Twitter

Laina’s fellow Final Fantasy fans loved the cinematic Limit Break, gaining over 1,000 likes within hours of its posting. Many, including Laina themselves, joked that the out-of-this-world Limit Break was likely far from his strongest attack, and speculated as to what Godbert could truly accomplish if he tapped into his full power. Despite how absurd the attack itself may seem, many laughed realizing this scene could just as easily have appeared in Final Fantasy 14’s Hildibrand quests.

More Manderville adventures await Final Fantasy 14 fans soon–Patch 6.2 drops on August 23rd, and the subsequent Patch 6.25 will likely arrive a couple of months after. This patch continues Hildibrand’s Endwalker hijinks and introduces the Manderville Relic Weapons to the game. While players can’t be certain what the weapons themselves will look like yet, they can certainly hope they will be created with as much flair as the Goldsmite Omega.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now for PC, PS4, and PS5.

Source: Gamerant

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