Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker Is Getting A Soundtrack Release

The critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy 14 is about to release the soundtrack for its latest hit expansion, Endwalker.

Fans of the massively popular MMORPG Final Fantasy 14 found another reason to be thankful as the Endwalker OST was announced today. Ever since last summer, Square Enix has been on a roll with Final Fantasy 14, and nothing, including login queue times, seems likely to stop the juggernaut. With a huge surge in the number of players thanks to streamers and missteps from competitors to the release of the critically-acclaimed Endwalker expansion, things have been looking up for Director Yoshi P and his team.


The official Final Fantasy soundtrack will release on February 23, 2022, for $54.99. It will come on Blu-Ray Disc and has a preorder bonus of an additional sleeve. There are 62 tracks listed in addition to a chiptune version of the Endwalker theme. Those that have played the latest expansion are aware that Square Enix has knocked it out of the park once more with the musical accompaniment for the MMO and are only continuing a trend of fantastic music accompanying an equally marvelous story.

Included with the soundtrack are several additional items including an in-game code for the Wind-up Vrtra minion and extra movies like the Final Fantasy 14 Digital Fan Festival 2021 and Endwalker music video. At this time it is unknown when the soundtrack will come to streaming services like Spotify, but it is likely only a matter of time as the other expansions’ OSTs have made their way there.

Track List

  1. Endwalker – Footfalls
  2. Prelude – Tales
  3. The Ewer Brimmeth
  4. Spoken without End
  5. The Day Will Come (Endwalker)
  6. The Nautilus Knoweth
  7. The Labyrinth
  8. Down the Up Staircase
  9. Unbowed
  10. Dreams of Man
  11. Shade’s Delight
  12. Divine Words
  13. Twilit Terraces
  14. Tower of Zot (Endwalker)
  15. On Blade’s Edge
  16. Prayers Repeated
  17. White Snow, Black Steel
  18. Those We Can Yet Save
  19. Home Beyond the Horizon
  20. Black Steel, Cold Embers
  21. Tremble
  22. Each Drop
  23. Garlemald Express
  24. Finality
  25. One Small Step
  26. Neath Dark Waters (Scions & Sinners)
  27. Endcaller
  28. Imagination (Duality)
  29. Welcome to Our Town! (Endwalker)
  30. Battle 1 from FINAL FANTASY IV
  31. What Comes of Despair
  32. As the Sky Burns
  33. Heroes Forge Ahead
  34. Sky Unsundered
  35. Flow Together
  36. Miracle Works
  37. Stars Long Dead
  38. From Below
  39. From the Ashes
  40. Answers
  41. The Aetherial Sea
  42. Your Answer
  43. Answers (Piano Version)
  44. The Last Stand
  45. Echoes in the Distance
  46. Close in the Distance (Instrumental)
  47. Close in the Distance
  48. Dynamis
  49. Of Countless Stars
  50. The Final Day
  51. With Hearts Aligned
  52. Flow
  53. Endwalker
  54. The Tale of the Star
  55. Vibrant Voices
  56. Perfumed Eves
  57. Carrots of Happiness
  58. eScape (Journeys)
  59. Roads Less Traveled
  60. Where Dæmons Abide
  61. Ancient Shackles
  62. Hic Svnt Leones

Final Fantasy 14 just recently released its 6.05 patch, adding several new challenging modes including the Savage form of the Pandaemonium raid. The title has proven so successful that it has had to temporarily halt sales of the game to relieve congestion on login servers. When the worst thing about the game is an issue that stems from its massive popularity, it’s hard to argue that the team at Square Enix isn’t playing the right notes.

Music has always been one of the strongest components of any Final Fantasy title. The music has been so successful that Square Enix and its composers have been able to go on worldwide tours playing music from across the series. Accompanying the concerts were two albums entitled Dear Friends that featured the studio versions of songs played. While some titles may not have won over every fan, not many will disagree about the caliber of the music produced. Much like the artwork by the legendary Yoshitaka Amano, or chocobos, or a new Cid with each release, the music of Final Fantasy is a staple. So, with a new OST, that already grand collection of music grows.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now for PC, PS4, and PS5.

Source: Gamerant

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