Farm Together Letting Fans Vote on Theme for Next Content Pack

Farm Together, like its name suggests, is all about a co-op approach to farming simulators. With the game releasing back in 2018, though, most players have done everything, so Farm Together content packs are a great way to add new items for players to work toward.

Thus far, fans of farming simulators have been able to purchase plenty of DLC for Farm Together. The Mistletoe pack, for example, added in Viking-themed items and a new house for players to use on their farms. The Oxygen pack added spacesuit outfits for farmers as well as alien plants, while the colorful Candy pack dropped last week. Intriguingly, it was the first content pack released in over 2 years, and fans should be happy to know that DLC will seemingly release regularly once again.


The news that more Farm Together content is on the way comes from a community poll, with Milkstone Studios sharing the poll on its official Twitter page. The poll sees players voting on the theme for “a future content pack,” allowing gamers to make their voices heard and decide what form the next DLC will take. There are several options listed, all of which could make for interesting content packs if they ever became official.

The DLC themes listed in the poll include Ancient Egypt, Fantasy, and Wild West, all of which would provide some entertaining customization options. Gothic is included in the lineup, too, and would likely see players getting access to some much darker decorations and outfits. Another theme listed is Terror, which would likely add some spooky items, while Australian, Caveman, Urban, and African round out the list. Overall, the lineup is varied, giving players a lot of options. The results so far could give Farm Together fans an idea of what will come, however.

Fantasy finds itself at the top of the list, and it is exciting to think about the potential that such a pack could bring. While a medieval content pack already exists in the form of the Chickpea pack, which adds a castle and several old-timey props, a Fantasy pack could bring things like a wizard’s tower and costume. Gothic is in second place, and it would likely be the complete opposite of the Candy pack. Ancient Egypt slides into third place, and it is easy to imagine outfits based on mummies and a customizable home that resembles a pyramid.

While it remains to be seen when the beloved indie game will get the content its community voted for, the fact that more DLC is coming at all will surely be exciting for Farm Together players. For those that want a say in the type of content that will be added, voting in the poll would be a wise idea.

Farm Together is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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