Far Cry 5 Player Builds Blockbuster Store In the Game

A Far Cry 5 fan faithfully recreates a Blockbuster store in-game using the title’s level editor that includes boxes of movies and snacks.

A Far Cry 5 player managed to build a Blockbuster in-game. A good number of titles have allowed gamers to build their own creations using a plethora of different tools that are provided to them. Players have built worlds in Minecraft, custom arenas in Halo, and more through the level editors that have been added to various games.

One game that has a level editor is Far Cry 5. The title gives player plenty of tools and options that allows them to create amazing pieces within it, which a number of gamers have taken advantage of. One player was able to even recreate a Blockbuster store in the game.


A Reddit user named mojoswoptops2020 posted in-game images of the Blockbuster that they made in Far Cry 5. The front of the rental store features movie posters and the sign that many would see before entering. Inside are rows filled with movies and snacks, along with signs for sales and new releases. The chain’s logo is also seen on the walls of the store, helping hammer in the fact that players are seeing the inside of a Blockbuster. According to mojoswoptops2020 the piece took around 5 hours to build. The work that mojoswoptops2020 looks great and will bring back memories to those who used to visit the stores in order to rent movies.

Additional images of mojoswoptops2020’s in-game Blockbuster can be seen on their Reddit post.

A few Redditors have expressed their love for the piece that mojoswoptops2020 created, with one fan who even thanked them. A number of gamers praised Far Cry 5’s level editor, including one who stated that anything can be built in the game. There were some commenters who lamented over the fact that Far Cry 6 did not receive a level editor, which was a missed opportunity. Mojoswoptops2020 did a good job of recreating something that many gamers will remember from years ago when renting movies required a physical storefront.

The Blockbuster is not the only recreation that mojoswoptops2020 has made in the Ubisoft title, as they have made a number of pieces in the game’s sandbox mode. The player made a McDonald’s in Far Cry 5, which includes the iconic red and yellow sign seen outside every restaurant. The gamer was also able to fill the inside of the building with a number of tables, a bathroom, and a kitchen. Mojoswoptops2020 has also replicated Sanctuary from Fallout 4 and Outset Island from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. They have shown what can be done in Far Cry 5’s level editor with a little bit of imagination and a lot of hard work.

Far Cry 5 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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