Fanmade PS5 Accessory Makes Controller More Accessible

A PS5 accessory that allows players to use the DualSense controller one-handed highlights problems with Sony’s approach to accessibility in hardware.

While Sony‘s PS5 is a step forward in technology, many players have historically had problems with Sony’s approach to accessibility and allowing disabled players to enjoy PlayStation games. Recently a video creator highlighted the issue by creating a solution but still calls for Sony to make an official change with its own branded hardware.

When the PlayStation 5 released in 2020, some fans were quick to point out that Sony has no equivalent device to Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller, a highly customizable controller base designed to allow disabled players to use tailored control methods for games. Over a year later there is still no word from Sony on whether it plans to offer a similar solution, but a fan-made creation could actually become a long-term solution for disabled gamers.


Making The DualSense More Accessible

A video creator by the name of Akaki Kuumeri shows off a clever solution for players unable to use two hands on the controller; with a 3D printed attachment, moving the entire controller around on a table will rotate the left stick. An additional attachment allows for the directional pad buttons to be used from the right side as well, making for a fully one-handed solution. The device makes clever use of the controller’s functions to make it more accessible without even having to disassemble the controller to modify it. And it uses no electronic parts besides the DualSense itself, so it will not be made obsolete with a PS5 software update.

In an interview with IGN, Kuumeri points out the options the competition offers; Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller and Copilot mode brought accessibility to consoles in an unprecedented way, providing such a leap ahead for accessible gaming that some people are modding them to work on other consoles. Sony, meanwhile, does not appear to even express interest in officially competing with the Adaptive Controller; while the games themselves may have great options, the software changes mean nothing if the player is unable to physically use the DualSense. PlayStation 5 games’ built-in lockout on using PS4 controllers to play them also causes problems for players who rely on third-party controllers that register as DualShock 4s.

The late previous and early current generation for video games have seen major strides for accessibility; many of the biggest games released in 2021 had in-depth customization meant to help players able and disabled alike experience the games’ stories. However, gaming accessibility would be even better if hardware manufacturers and console designers are on board, allowing for official solutions that take player needs into account. Microsoft has already proven that official solutions are a possibility on Xbox, so it is up to Sony to set standards for its own console.

The incredible options provided by game developers in recent years and the grateful reactions from disabled gamers prove that there is a public interest in accessibility options and there are several reasons to pursue improvement in the field. The industry is making major strides and Sony has an opportunity to jump into the progress by responding to player calls for specialized hardware. Whether Sony will make changes remains to be seen, but hopefully, the company will enter the industry-wide push for betterment soon.

Source: IGN

Source: Gamerant

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