Fan Remakes Pokemon Red and Blue As 3D Games

One Pokemon fan crafits a portion of the game world of the Red and Blue titles in a 3D remake inspired heavily by the style of the originals.

Pokemon has a huge following. Fans from all over the world have been catching their very own lightning mice, fire lizards, and other pocket monsters for 25 years now. With the original Red and Green titles releasing in February of 1996, 2021 has been an important year for Pokemon, as the company is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the games being released with a unique set of trading cards, silver plushes of some iconic Pokemon, and a crossover with Converse apparel.


Fans of the Pokemon titles have been adding their own flair to the games and the characters within them almost as long as they’ve been playing. From art of new Pokemon or turning old Pokemon into something new, to recreations of settings within the games within other games such as one player of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, who created the train station from Pokemon Sword and Shield on their own island. One player of Pokemon though, has taken things to a new level, by recreating the entirety of Pokemon Red and Blue.

YouTuber CodyCantEatThis states they have spent the last year or so remastering classic games, such as a “cursed” version of Fall Guys and 3D versions of Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. Now, CodyCantEatThis has recreated a chunk of Pokemon Red and Blue’s game world in 3D. Originally, the YouTuber had been streaming their process of modelling the original protagonist Red, and the starting location of Pallet Town. Over time, and countless hours of planting trees, the game was made in a monochrome style similar to the look of the original games.

Fans of Pokemon and CodyCantEatThis have flooded the video with positive responses since its release a couple of days ago. Some compared the remake of Pokemon Red and Blue to the recently released remasters of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Yet, the YouTuber stated in the video that they believe the release of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are more of a “2.5 release,” which don’t allow players to experience the world of the game as much as a full 3D release. This hasn’t stopped plenty of players from enjoying Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl though, with players pouring hundreds of hours into the game, with one player spending that amount of time and not even picking their starter Pokemon.

CodyCantEatThis’ remake of Pokemon Red and Blue is not the first remake that has been made over the years since the games’ initial release. One id Software developer Mark Diaz, who worked on DOOM Eternal, Quake: Champions and DOOM (2016) similarly used Unity to create Pallet Town and Route 1 from the game. However, there are significant differences between Diaz’s creation and the YouTuber’s, the latter for example has a third-person viewpoint, and is lacking in colour while Diaz’s creation is full of cartoony assets and colours. It’s a shame for Pokemon fans though that neither remake is available for public use.

Source: Gamerant

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