Fan Pays $2,000 to Play Valorant With ‘Goddess’ Twitch Streamer

A Twitch streamer sparks a debate online after taking $2,000 from a fan when asked how much she’d charge to play Valorant with them.

Fans of Twitch streamers, especially female streamers, can be known to go to some extreme lengths to get the attention of their favorite creators on the platform. For some streamers, this can result in some scary situations, such as one Russian streamer who had a fan break into her house and leave a message on her door. Pokimane, one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, has also suffered from fans finding out her home address and showing up at her house.

Some fans, rather than taking on the role of a stalker in pursuing their favorite streamer, will instead try to throw as much money as possible at a content creator in order to get their attention. One Twitch streamer, known as PoutyRin, was recently asked by a fan how much she’d charge to play competitive FPS Valorant with him. Rin joked that she would charge $2,000 for the gaming session and was shocked to find that, shortly after the joke, $2,000 had been sent to her PayPal account.


Most people who keep up with the streaming world know that some streamers can make a lot of money outside of streaming. Some streamers like Amouranth, for example, make millions of dollars from posting exclusive content on other sites. However, when posting about the $2,000 sum on Twitter, PoutyRin was met with criticism, as some people online believed that she had exploited one of her fans, getting as much money as possible from someone who had labeled her a “goddess.”

Others believed that PoutyRin was not wrong to take the money, and it was the fan’s decision to spend their money. Some more responses on Twitter made light of the situation, with one user also stating that he would charge people to play Valorant with him, but his fee would “only” be $1,000 per session. Unfortunately, some sexism was also present in the Twitter thread, remarking that the only reason PoutyRin was able to garner fans was because she is a woman. Similar remarks can often be found online, with even streamers like IShowSpeed being removed from Valorant following a sexist rant.

It is currently unknown whether PoutyRin has given the money back to the fan or if she has played with him yet. Some people online were demanding that the streamer give the money back, but even if PoutyRin did so, this is unlikely to prevent other individuals from donating large amounts of money. Some streamers like Pokimane have even increased their donation limit in recent years, because she considers larger amounts to be “unnecessary.”

Source: Gamerant

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