Fan-Made Image Imagines Kurt Russell as Overwatch’s Reinhardt

While the gameplay in Overwatch is a big reason why it is such a popular hero shooter, the quality of the characters has been another contributing factor. As such, some players have called for a television series based on the Overwatch franchise, and one player has cast the beloved tank Reinhardt.

The hopes for an Overwatch series are nothing new, as the franchise’s stunning animated shorts have shown what a series could accomplish. Further, the incredible success of Arcane has shown how useful television can be for fleshing out the backstories of characters in multiplayer-focused games. With so much potential, it would not be too surprising if an Overwatch series was created one day, though most would expect it to be animated. However, it seems like one gamer believes it should be in live action.


Overwatch player and Reddit user Xaential shared a piece of Reinhardt fan art that places none other than Kurt Russell in the role. On the surface, the two share very little in common, as Russell’s roles are usually very intense and serious. Reinhardt, on the other hand, is loud and jovial, often being a source of positivity on the battlefield. Still, with Russell showing that he can pull off comedy in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, he could be a fine fit for the German tank.

Looks-wise, the resemblance is uncanny, which is helped by the fact that Kurt Russell is the perfect age to play a character like Reinhardt. The mock-up made by Xaential was crafted by placing their own edits over a render from Javier Zuccarino. The use of Sombra’s skull insignia is a nice easter egg, while the scar and one eye of Kurt Russell’s Reinhardt is perfectly placed. Though Russell would need to master a German accent for the role, and would likely need to stay in the suit since he is not nearly as tall as Reinhardt, the 1,000 upvotes and positive comments show that other fans approve of the choice.

Regardless of whether it is animated or in live action, the Overwatch community has once again made it clear that it wants the franchise to be adapted for television. With so much Overwatch lore to pull from, and numerous characters to focus on, several seasons of the series could be produced. Certain episodes could focus on the early days of Overwatch, while others could focus on the present day, highlighting how the characters changed with time. With so many interesting backstories, like Widowmaker’s tragedy or Genji and Hanzo’s deadly fight, a show could go in several directions.

For now, all that Overwatch fans can do is continue to make requests for a series. With awesome posts like this Reinhardt mockup showing the potential of a show, hopefully Blizzard will make it a reality one day.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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