Fallout: New Vegas World Randomizer Mod Turns Every Door Into a Mystery

The world of the Fallout game series is a treacherous one, often with surprises hiding around every corner. Whether players are finding murderous Deathclaws or interesting NPCs, simply traveling in Fallout: New Vegas can be peppered with surprises.

Of course, Fallout: New Vegas is quite a bit older now, so some of the surprises might not be as fresh as they once were. For players who want a bit of wonderment and confusion back in their playthroughs, a door randomizer mod will definitely leave players feeling lost and puzzled.


Shared on NexusMods by its creator Honest Signal, the Fallout: New Vegas World Randomizer mod changes the way the player gets around in the world dramatically. Instead of each door in the game leading to its logical other side, doors across the world are randomly connected to each other. Entering a door could lead a player to a nearby area, or halfway across the game’s map. The system is entirely randomized, meaning each Fallout: New Vegas experience should be a unique one.

The Fallout: New Vegas mod’s description describes how the game creates “a world where random Goodsprings settler’s house could connect straight to The Strip, for instance!” Due to the nature of the mod, most who want to engage in a serious playthrough will likely find a confusing (and possibly dangerous) experience ahead of them. For veteran players, though, this should add some spice to the game, and can even help to provide a significant challenge. A speed run with randomized doors, for example, could be simultaneously entertaining and extremely frustrating.

The Thorn Entrance From Fallout New Vegas

The mod notes that the door functionality doesn’t work explicitly everywhere, particularly with elevators that can stop at multiple floors. In addition, while the main story is fully playable, Honest Signal notes that some side quests may be inaccessible due to the mod.

Fallout: New Vegas is still beloved by the fanbase, typically receiving high praise for its story and lore. Even outside of the game’s core experience, it’s clear that fans want to revisit the area, as New Vegas has been recreated in Fallout 4 by modders. Other modders have even created a multiplayer mod for Fallout: New Vegas, so long-time players can have a friend tag along in their adventures.

While there’s no sign of Fallout: New Vegas receiving the remaster treatment that Skyrim: Anniversary Edition has, players are continuing to produce content for the original. With mods that make major changes to the game’s world, gameplay, and visuals, Fallout: New Vegas is still managing to provide fresh experiences, even for players who know the world like the back of their hand.

Fallout: New Vegas is available on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Source: NexusMods

Source: Gamerant

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