Fallout 4 Player’s Porter Gage Appears With Missing Eyepatch

One Fallout 4 player notices that their version of Porter Gage, the Nuka-World DLC companion, has lost his memorable eyepatch.

Fallout 4 players have a variety of different companions in the game from which to choose. With the Nuka-World DLC, that list grew to include a memorable raider by the name of Porter Gage. Apparently, however, one player started this add-on to Fallout 4 only to find that this character’s memorable eyepatch was gone.

Fallout 4 was released in 2015 with its Nuka-World add-on following it in August of 2016. This additional content brought players to the Nuka-World Amusement Park with its enormous raider population. Porter Gage is a potential companion through this add-on and is known for his eyepatch.


This new look for Porter Gage comes from u/Fordzealot91 and it is a bit of a strange sight for those who have played the add-on. The right-hand man to Nuka-World’s Overboss, this character normally has a raider-inspired eyepatch covering their right eye, likely concealing some form of injury. However, in u/Fordzealot91’s image, Porter Gage is missing that iconic eyepatch. Apparently, the character design doesn’t have any damage over the part of the face where the eyepatch normally is placed. It isn’t clear that if this is just because the detail wasn’t needed or if Porter Gage is just wearing the eyepatch for the look. The player doesn’t mention how they stumbled upon this change but it gives the character a different feel.

Players do have the option to change the look of their companions in Fallout 4 and this may be the cause of what players see here. There is a bug in the game that removes Porter Gage’s eyepatch if a player has him wear an item such as a gas mask and then unequips it. It’s likely that something along these lines happened to create this odd, new version of Porter Gage.

The Nuka-World add-on brought players more content to Fallout 4 and introduced an interesting new area but only had one new companion: Porter Gage. While an interesting figure and one crucial to the plot of Nuka-World, more companions could have led to even more dynamics in this DLC.

Then again, Porter Gage was the only companion in the game to function as a part-time merchant in Fallout 4. And their perk, Lessons in Blood, was one of the better companion perks in Fallout 4. Either way, u/Fordzealot91 shows off what this addition companion looks like without their eyepatch and it is an interesting sight.

Fallout 4 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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