Fall Guys Giving Away Free Content If Enough Fans Pre-Register for Free-to-Play Version

Back in 2020, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout unexpectedly took the gaming world by storm, being a hectic multiplayer platformer that drew in several fans. The amount of content creators and streamers who were playing the game during its apex helped propel its popularity. Some of its popularity also has to do with the Fall Guys mascots too, with their bean-like designs being loved for their simplicity and appeal. This can be seen with the variety of Fall Guys crossover costumes with a variety of properties like Sonic the Hedgehog and Horizon Zero Dawn.


While Fall Guys launched for PC and PS4, ports of the game to other consoles like the Xbox and Switch were revealed. While it had been delayed and was shown off a few times, Devolver Digital and Mediatonic finally gave fans a release date for the ports, which will be next week. Not only that, both companies revealed that Fall Guys will be going fully free-to-play once these versions are released. With the game’s shift in business model, the developers announced some cosmetics that players can earn if they pre-register for the game.

This campaign was announced over the Fall Guys‘ official Twitter account, with a tweet showing off the tiers of rewards that players will earn upon reaching certain milestones. The first milestone reward will be awarded if at least 500,000 players pre-register for the free-to-play version, with the maximum reward tier if pre-registrations reached 2.5 million.

These rewards include a nameplate for any player of Fall Guys, with Kudos, a Pattern, and emote also being available as rewards. If enough players have pre-registered for the game, players will get an exclusive costume in Fall Guys known as Melonhead, which is appropriately a watermelon-themed boxer costume. All the rewards will be given to players around late-June, with this pre-registration period taking place until June 20.

As of this writing, at least 500,000 players have pre-registered for the free-to-play version of Fall Guys, with this milestone progress being updated every 12 hours. The website states that players don’t need to own Fall Guys itself in order to participate this campaign, only needing to pre-register through Epic Games’ website. It does note that any milestone rewards that have been unlocked through this campaign won’t be awarded until the player has downloaded Fall Guys.

Fall Guys is available now for PC and PS4, with Epic Games Store, PS5, Switch, and Xbox versions scheduled to release on June 21.

Source: Gamerant

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