Facebook Gaming Signs Neymar Jr

Facebook Gaming signs another big star, this time one of the most famous athletes in the world in Brazilian soccer star Neymar Jr.

Facebook Gaming has stiff competition with the likes of Twitch and YouTube Gaming. Along with each service having its unique attributes, the exclusive streamers on the platforms are one of the biggest things that set them apart. With that in mind, Facebook Gaming has signed Neymar Jr., one of the most popular athletes in the world.

When Neymar Jr. is not lighting it up on the pitch for Paris Saint-Germain or his national team Brazil, the soccer star often is found streaming games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In the past, the Brazilian superstar has streamed on platforms other than Facebook Gaming, as Neymar Jr. was once even banned from Twitch. But now, he has signed a new deal.


In a recent tweet, Facebook Gaming announced that Neymar Jr. is joining the streaming platform. His very first live stream will be tomorrow, December 17, at 11 am PST. In a Facebook message, Neymar Jr. shared that he can’t wait to have fun on Facebook Gaming and that video games have always been one of his biggest passions. With that being the case, he must have been thrilled when the Neymar Jr. skin made it to Fortnite. The idea of having a skin in a video game is quite remarkable to imagine for someone who loves the gaming hobby.

The signing is another recent win for Facebook Gaming. Recently, Ramee left Twitch to join up with Facebook Gaming exclusively. Ramee is one of the biggest Grand Theft Auto 5 streamers. One streaming platform “stealing” a streamer from another has become a standard part of the business it seems. One of the first and biggest examples of this is when Ninja left Twitch for Mixer, a now-defunct platform. It will be interesting to see how possible it is for multiple platforms to coexist and sign partners over the long haul.

Facebook Gaming has offered massive amounts of money to streamers such as Penta, who has remained on Twitch. The details of the Neymar Jr. signing are not known. But even if the soccer player cannot stream throughout the year on a regular basis, it is likely that Facebook Gaming offered a nice deal. It is becoming more lucrative to be a streaming star. Neymar Jr. is one of the highest-paid athletes in the world, but it certainly does not hurt if Facebook Gaming through in some extra cash as well.

Source: Gamerant

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