Fable Creator Peter Molyneux is Making a Blockchain Business Sim Game

Peter Molyneux (who worked on the Fable video game series) and his studio 22cans are working on a brand new video game. For this project, Molyneux and 22cans are collaborating with Eric Schiermeyer and the blockchain-gaming platform Gala Games.

A recent post by Gala Games reveals that the new game being developed by Peter Molyneux and 22cans is called Legacy. According to the post, Legacy is described as an innovative game that will push the boundaries of blockchain gaming. Legacy is scheduled to launch at some time in 2022 and will be the “first-ever Blockchain Business Sim” game.


The post states that Legacy is a “creative entrepreneur’s dream come true,” and it will be an opportunity for players to make their own business. Players will be able to design their own products from a huge variety of possibilities to create their very own business empire. In Legacy, players will be able to make products, trade what they make with other players, and compete in various in-game competitions and events for leaderboard points and prizes.

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The game will share some similarities to the Sims games, as players will need to look after their factories, workers, decorations, etc. Player’s decisions and actions will affect the gameplay as they balance managing their business with the needs of their in-game workers. According to the post, Legacy offers players the freedom to make these types of choices and more in the game.

Players can start Legacy blockchain business by either being a land owner or in-game business partner, which will play a part in players’ businesses. The former allows players to own a Land NFT that will let them start their own “in-game blockchain business association in Legacy.” Players who start as an in-game business partner gain access to Legacy Keys that can be lent to other players who can start their own in-game business in Legacy, which would make them in-game business partners.

Along with that, 22cans will be launching LegacyCoin, a new cryptocurrency for the game that will be part of Legacy’s in-game economy. The post states that LegacyCoin complies with the ERC-20 token standards, and it will enable the game’s blockchain experience and serve several purposes. This includes getting Legacy Keys to lend, trading in the game’s economy, “acquiring exclusive game item NFTs,” and other things that haven’t been revealed yet.

Players can earn LegacyCoin by competing in the in-game competitive events. In competitive events, players will put their design and management skills to the test against each other in Legacy. According to the post, Legacy is a blockchain game that aims to “push the boundaries of blockchain gaming beyond your wildest dreams.”

Legacy is in development and scheduled to release in 2022 for PC and Mobile.

Source: Gala Games

Source: Gamerant

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