Epic Games Store Update Adds New Features

Epic Games releases a new update for the Epic Games Store with features that are highly requested by the PC gaming community.

The Epic Games Store is a continuous source of discussion in the PC gaming community. Epic Games is developing and adding requested features to the Epic Games Store, including one that competitor Steam already has.

Every week, the Epic Games Store is refreshed with new releases and a rotating lineup of free games. Any PC gamer with an Epic Games account may log in and claim these games without even having to spend money. Most recently, Epic Games listened to user feedback and detailed plans to bring highly requested features to the storefront. Some of these Epic Games Store features include library customization and library filters.


Epic Games announced a brand-new update is live for the Epic Games Store, which adds a rating system and polls to the storefront. The rating system is among the most requested features for the Epic Games Store and one already prevalent on the Steam platform. According to Epic Games, the rating system asks random players to rate the game with more than 2 hours of playtime. The opportunity to rate the game arises after a play session, and the player scores the game on a five-star scale. Over time, the player scores will populate an overall rating for the game on Epic Games Store. Since requests are randomized, Epic Games believes the rating system won’t be spammed or taken advantage of through review bombing.

The poll system acts separately from the rating system, but it also prompts randomly after a play session. Players will be asked a question pertaining to their most recent play session, and answers will generate tags for respective product listings. Epic Games states tags will help improve the discoverability of games across the Epic Games Store. Additionally, Epic Games will be looking for user feedback following today’s rating system and polls update.

An update like this continues to push the Epic Games Store in the right direction. For years, the Epic Games Store has been scrutinized for the lack of features when compared to Steam. Epic Games appears to have resources and development efforts in place to make its store into a feature-rich competitor.

However, Steam continues to be the preferred storefront for millions of PC gamers around the world. To catch up, the Epic Games Store needs to combat the continued stigma from the PC gaming community with more features many currently desire. The Epic Games Store’s lineup of free games every week continues to help in that regard as well.

Source: Epic Games

Source: Gamerant

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