Epic Games Store Free Game for January 13 Revealed

Gods Will Fall is now available for free on the Epic Games Store, and the service reveals what will follow it next week on January 13.

The Epic Games Store promotion ended by revealing Tomb Raider Definitive Survivor Trilogy—including special editions of Tomb Raider, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and bonus content—would be free until January 6 at 10 am CT. It was a big bombshell ending that saw Epic Games Store end last year and begin this one on a good foot.

Of course, this means that the follow-up game, Gods Will Fall, is currently free on the Epic Games Store. Fans will be able to claim this title until January 13 at 10 am CT, at which time the next selected title will become available. In turn, this will replace Gods Will Fall on January 13 and last until January 20. As usual, Epic Games Store has confirmed the free title for January 13.


The Epic Games Store will be giving away Galactic Civilizations 3 again, for those who missed out on it last time it was available on the service. It was released in full back in 2015 after an in-development early access period before that. It’s a turn-based strategy game and threequel of a long-standing franchise. It picks up ten years after a massive war where the Drengin empire is the most dominant now.

epic games store galactic civilizations 3

Galactic Civilization 3‘s campaign features a mission to liberate earth from behind its Precursor shield and the beginning of the foretold “Terran Crusade.” Overall, it has received mostly good reviews, according to aggregate sites like Metacritic, and its Sci-Fi premise should appeal to fans even if the strategy elements do not. Fans of either Sci-Fi or strategy games should be sure to claim Galactic Civilization 3 when it joins the Epic Games Store on January 13. What will follow it on January 20 remains to be seen, but the Epic Games Store is likely still riding high off of December.

Sometimes, the Epic Games Store free games leak ahead of time, so those curious for what comes next may want to keep an eye out for this information. It should be noted, though, that after the accurate leak of Epic Games Store’s mystery game promo, neither Gods Will Fall nor Galactic Civilization 3 have leaked. So, it seems that leaky pipe may be down right now.

Still, the Epic Games Store gives away a variety of game types from small yet fantastic indie games to big AAA hits, and users have received tons of free games in the past. 2022 isn’t likely to be any different.

Epic Games Store users typically get a handful of free games every month.

Source: Gamerant

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