Elden Ring Video Shows What It’s Like to Ride Dragonflies and Other Creatures as Mounts

Elden Ring is a massive open world game with vast landscapes for players to explore. Sometimes players need to get across the Elden Ring game world quickly, and that’s where their mount Torrent comes into play. Early on in Elden Ring, players acquire Torrent as their mount, which they can then summon to speed things up when traveling through the Lands Between. Torrent is the only mount in Elden Ring, but a new video shows what it would be like to ride some other creatures in the game instead.


Noted Elden Ring dataminer Zullie the Witch has released a new video that shows what it’s like for Elden Ring players to use creatures other than Torrent as their mount. The video points out that many Elden Ring creatures have “attach points” that allow them to operate as mounts if they are put in place of Torrent. The video shows the Elden Ring player character riding wolves, a headless horse, and even dragonflies.

Elden Ring players aren’t the only ones that have a mount in the game, with various enemies using creatures as mounts. Players fight a variety of enemies on horseback, like the dreaded Tree Sentinel that’s encountered in the beginning of the game, and so it’s possible that these other creatures are mountable for the same reason. It’s unlikely that FromSoftware was going to give these creatures to the player as potential mounts, but rather that enemies would use them as mounts instead.

However, Zullie the Witch is unsure why exactly the dragonflies can be mounted. Watching characters use one of Elden Ring‘s dragonflies as a mount looks ridiculous, as the dragonflies are much smaller and no enemies really fit the bill size-wise. However, Zullie the Witch points to the Giant Dragonflies from the game’s dangerous Caelid region as an explanation as to why the dragonflies have attach points.

It’s possible FromSoftware intended there to be enemies that could use the Giant Dragonflies as mounts, but the feature was scrapped before the game was launched. There are no enemies in the nearby vicinity that could use the Giant Dragonflies as mounts. The Lesser Kindred of Rot shrimp monsters, which are close to the Giant Dragonflies in the game, do not have riding animations. The possibility is presented that the Nox enemies, who ride on the backs of giant ants elsewhere in the game, could have been intended to be the ones to use the Giant Dragonflies as mounts.

Whatever the case may be, the only mount that players can officially use in Elden Ring is Torrent, though mods will likely open the door to more possibilities. Since so many creatures already have attach points, perhaps more Elden Ring mounts will be featured in a potential DLC or sequel, but that’s just speculation at this time.

Elden Ring is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Source: Gamerant

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