Elden Ring Video Shows Off Character Customization System

Elden Ring‘s launch is less than two months away, and From Software fans have their attention set on February 25. Unsurprisingly, with the game so close to release, there are leaks surrounding its story and content being shared online. While most who are interested in Elden Ring will rightly avoid these leaks so as not to spoil the game, there are some leaked features worth taking a look at. For example, one video shows Elden Ring‘s character customization system, or at least a broken version of it.


From Software’s games have a long history of robust character creation systems. These systems haven’t always been particularly visually impressive or featureful, but they have absolutely allowed Souls players to create a unique character befitting the player’s disposition. That remains the case in Elden Ring, perhaps more than ever before. Not only has the quality of players’ character model, hair, and face been improved in terms of fidelity, but the range of options at players’ fingertips has been expanded in some interesting new ways.

To start, the leaker explores some general character creation settings. These include choosing the player’s gender, as well as their initial class, which includes examples of armor and weaponry. Further, players appear to be able to adjust certain body type settings and age, like in previous Souls games. There are also several preset options for pre-made characters, some of which are unique in an exciting way.

From there, the leaker jumps into settings for the character’s face and hair. To start, they check out pre-made faces, all of which shown seem very well done. Hair, too, is a massive improvement compared to the Souls games’ wirey options of the past decade. There are also a good number of scars, bruises, beauty marks, and colorings that can be used, too. The leaker also gets into the more physical alterations of the face, at which point they create a monstrous human being like only From Software character creators can produce.

The one other element of Elden Ring‘s character creator worth mentioning is the more specific body alterations available. Players can now use sliders to choose skin color, rather than more natural presets. Arms, legs, torsos, and other body regions can also be altered in size with sliders. There are other color options for different body regions, too.

What’s frustrating about the video is that it’s not complete. All of the labels are missing and many options don’t have all the textures they need. The options shown, at least, present a very robust and visually improved character creation system for Elden Ring that puts even Dark Souls 3‘s improvements to shame.

Elden Ring releases February 25 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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