Elden Ring Video Compares Its Biggest Dragons to Those in From Software’s Other Games

FromSoftware’s series of modern action RPGs have many consistent themes between them, even through Elden Ring. Evil, corruption, sorcery, monsters, demons, and more pop up game to game in different capacities. Another consistent inclusion is dragons. FromSoftware loves to include dragons in its games, regardless of whether it’s a medieval game like Dark Souls or based on Buddhist mythology like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. A new video even goes so far as comparing the size of FromSoftware’s dragons, with Elden Ring‘s included.


Zullie the Witch is a content creator and YouTuber known for delving into FromSoftware’s game files to find the secrets hidden within. In a new video, she asks a simple question, “What’s the biggest dragon in FromSoftware’s library of games?” Appropriately, she starts with the first Souls-like title of FromSoftware’s run of modern action RPGs, Demon’s Souls. That’s fitting because Demon’s Souls has a boss named Dragon God.

The Dragon God in Demon’s Souls is humongous. Players will recall that the fight with the Dragon God is a special encounter since it’s so big that standard combat would be difficult to implement. Dragon God was so big that a proper competitor for “Biggest Dragon” didn’t come along for years. Zullie initially says that it wasn’t until Sekiro‘s Divine Dragon that there could be a new top dragon. However, when measured from nose to tail, Dragon God once again came out on top.

Next, Zullie compared the Dragon God to Elden Ring‘s two biggest dragons. First, she compared Dragon God to Greyoll, the mother of dragons, who has lost her mobility and is surrounded by her children. Greyoll, from nose to tail, is approximately the same length as Dragon God. A tie would be excellent, but there’s an even larger dragon in Elden Ring to compare, first. Gransax, the dead dragon found in Lleyndell, is nearly twice as big as either Greyoll or Dragon God, making it easily the biggest dragon in FromSoftware’s games.

Zullie would then release a second video in which she admitted she incorrectly measured the “real” Dark Souls 3 Archdragon, finding that the full Archdragon body seen distantly on a mountainside is much bigger than she originally thought. It’s still nowhere near the size of Gransax, as it is around the same size as the Divine Dragon. That makes it a top-five dragon, though, which is still pretty huge.

Overall, Gransax of Elden Ring is the largest dragon of FromSoftware’s modern RPGs. After Gransax, Zullie says both Demon’s Souls Dragon God and Elden Ring‘s Greyoll are tied for the second-largest dragon. Sekiro‘s Divine Dragon is the fourth-largest Dragon, followed closely by Dark Souls 3‘s Archdragon. All of them are equally terrifying, but also all of them are dead (or potentially undead). FromSoftware’s got its work cut out for itself making an even bigger dragon in the future.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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