Elden Ring Player Wins Fight With Crucible Knight By Accident

Due to a lucky coincidence, one Elden Ring player managed to win a fight against the difficult Crucible Knight by complete accident. Luck is a major factor when it comes to surviving in The Lands Between. While skill, stats, and strategy do make up a large part of being able to stay alive in Elden Ring, sometimes luck is the most important part. Many times have players been going up against bosses or even other players in PVP when something just happens that makes the entire battle easier for one side, like when a player lucked out of a Mohg fight after the Lord of Blood got himself stuck.


Crucible Knights are a tough foe to come across when traversing The Lands Between. There are about 16 throughout the game, and each fight can be a tribulation to a player, some of Elden Ring‘s Crucible Knights make it hard to even heal. Crucible Knights’ attacks, while they are slow and easy to dodge, hit really hard when they connect, including their attack where they sprout wings, fly into the air, and dive straight towards the player, dealing a massive amount of damage. They are not meant to be taken lightly.

One Elden Ring player, who has said they have had trouble with Crucible Knights in the past, got really lucky in an encounter with one of them. Posting to r/Eldenring, a user uploaded a video of them fighting a Crucible Knight in the Siofra Aqueduct, in an area that has very little room to dodge around in without falling off the ledge. The player seems to be handling the foe pretty well, dodging attacks and not getting too greedy with their hits, when the Crucible Knight flies up into the air, ready to commence their dive attack. When they do, the player dodges through them, and the Crucible Knight flies right off the ledge, dying.

In the comments, users found the clip rather funny, and some even spoke of their own experiences where this exact thing happened to them as well. Other users gave their advice to make these fights easier, like dodging towards the knight or parrying. In fact, parrying Crucible Knights are not only satisfying but easy due to their slow attacks.

Though this was a case of luck for this one player, this does highlight an important facet of any Elden Ring battle, that being the environment the fight takes place. Many players, especially in PvP, utilize the environment to their advantage, like when players set up ambushes in places such as Elden Ring‘s Lake of Rot. A skilled player can exploit their environments against their enemies to come out victorious, so it’s good to always be aware of one’s surroundings, lest a player takes a long fall.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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