Elden Ring Player Unintentionally Helped By Enemy Troll

An Elden Ring player is caught off guard by a pursuing troll, only for it to unintentionally defeat the Deathbird that they had been battling.

An Elden Ring player was assisted by an unlikely ally during a battle with a Deathbird. The freakish, flying raptors of Elden Ring have often posed a threat to wandering Tarnished, acting as an unpleasant surprise during otherwise calm moments of open-world exploration.

Friendly denizens are rather hard to come by in the Lands Between, though Elden Ring certainly boasts more than previous FromSoftware games. Even when players could summon phantoms to aid them with challenging boss fights, the available help was nothing particularly overpowered. Elden Ring‘s Spirit Ashes altered this philosophy to a significant extent, granting players the means to summon powerful ghostly companions capable of achieving victory, even against bosses, single-handedly. The inclusion made FromSoftware’s notorious difficulty a more tempting experience for many prospective players. Despite additions that expanded the accessibility relative to prior titles, Elden Ring remains an unquestionably demanding and punishing game for the vast majority, and any support is most welcome.


However, few would expect that desire for reinforcement to be answered by a hostile enemy, but a video posted to Reddit by wolf1776 shows exactly this. The player is battling a Deathbird, likely the one that spawns at night nearby the Warmaster’s Shack Site of Grace, and damages it sufficiently to be only one hit away from defeating it. But a painful strike from a pointed beak forces the Tarnished to retreat and heal, making way for a Troll that had been approaching this entire time.

The Troll swipes furiously at the ground, in an attack intended for the player, but it instead catches the Death Bird and kills it. Although the player was not in any immediate danger, the helping hand was appreciated nonetheless, with the video captioned “Uhh… thanks for the assistance citizen!” Of course, the Tarnished would now have to confront the Troll, but most would agree that that fight is preferable when compared to any type of Deathbird, an Elden Ring enemy that can prove to be a test of luck more than skill.

Trolls are curious inhabitants of Elden Ring‘s world, able to be discovered in nearly every region of the game. Some seemingly act as guardians, others are chained up to carriages that they are forced to carry along, and more than a few wander aimlessly, often equipped with nothing but gigantic swords. As is the case with much of the lore, knowledge about Trolls is limited and obscure, but some Elden Ring sleuths have theories regarding the giant holes present in their torso.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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