Elden Ring Player Notices Horrific Detail on Shrimp Monsters

Elden Ring has no shortage of horrific creatures for players to encounter, with all matter of unspeakable horrors hiding behind every corner. Some of these Elden Ring monsters are downright disturbing, with the Lesser Kindred of Rot being some of the creepier monsters that players can find in the game’s massive open world.

Elden Ring players can encounter the Lesser Kindred of Rot in various locations around the game, though they are first likely to run into them while exploring the unforgiving region of Caelid. These bipedal shrimp monsters can be found in caves and elsewhere, usually armed with spears that can inflict Scarlet Rot on anyone unlucky enough to be hit by them. Their shrimp-like appearance makes the Lesser Kindred of Rot plenty gross-looking on its own, but a closer examination reveals a particularly unnerving detail about their design.


Reddit user theonewithcats shared a screenshot of one of the Lesser Kindred of Rot while it was on its back, giving fans a close-look at its underside. While some players may have thought that the various appendages sticking out of its body were shrimp legs or feelers of some kind, closer inspection confirms that they are actually human-like arms and hands.

This disturbing detail ensures that the Lesser Kindred of Rot fits right in with many of the other Elden Ring monstrosities that players will encounter over the course of the game. A common theme with the enemy design in the game is that creatures have many more limbs than is normal, and oftentimes these limbs have been grafted on to their bodies. One of Elden Ring‘s first major bosses, Godrick the Grafted, is one such individual, with all kinds of different limbs attached to his body.

Elden Ring players are introduced to this “grafted’ concept very early on in the game. In fact, the first boss that players ever fight is the Grafted Scion, which is encountered right after players make their character and step outside the Chapel of Anticipation. The Grafted Scion boss fight at the beginning of Elden Ring helps set the tone and lets players know that they are going to be in for some unsettling sights during their adventure.

Dataminers have found evidence that Elden Ring once had a bestiary for players to complete. If the bestiary did make it into the final game, one has to wonder if it would have included some more lore details about the various creatures that players meet in the game. If so, players could have learned more about the Lesser Kindred of Rot and the like, but perhaps one is better off not knowing the origins behind the game’s monsters.

Elden Ring is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Source: Gamerant

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