Elden Ring Player Makes Perfect Grumpy Old Man Character

Over time, Elden Ring has become quite well-known for its incredibly technical, in-depth character creator. Using a system of pre-set characteristics as well as a slider system, Elden Ring players can create almost any character they set their mind towards.

In the past, this has included wacky characters such as an Elden Ring version of Shrek and Fiona as well as other iconic figures. The ability to create such unique figures adds further depth to the game as players who create these unique characters tend to gravitate towards what they deem an on-theme build.


An example of one of these on-theme builds would be the Elden Ring ninja turtle character; while most of the character’s iconic look was made in the creator, it was capped off perfectly with a combination of on-brand weapons including a turtle shell shield. However, while some players create iconic characters using the creator, others use their talents to create hyperrealistic characters that are much simpler and more general.

For example, Reddit user FilthyScavenger put their talents to the test in order to create the most realistic and stereotypical old man they could muster, and the results were something one would expect to see on an old school television version of Elden Ring. One thing to note about Elden Ring is its graphics, and they are put on perfect display with FilthyScavenger’s old man character, who is covered with wrinkles and age spots as well as sporting a hard, tough expression. Furthermore, the character was shown wearing nothing but thread pants, flip-flops, and wielding the iconic club weapon, giving the impression of an angry old man walking out of his house to perhaps grab the mail or chase some kids off his lawn.

Reddit users further reflected this sentiment, cracking jokes and comparisons about the design. For example, one user pointed out the character heavily reminded them of Old Man Nebbercracker from the Monster House animated movie. Another user joked the character certainly has old man strength, to which FilthyScavenger replied he is tough as leather. A big trend in the comments were references to Eustace Bagge, a character from the show Courage the Cowardly Dog, who commonly wielded a mallet as his weapon of choice.

Regardless of old man lookalikes or counterparts, FilthyScavenger’s creation serves as another shining example of the possibilities the character creator represents. Recently, the creation of Elden Ring‘s Fia in the character creator may have further opened up the possibilities, meaning that FilthyScavenger’s old man may just be the tip of the creativity iceberg.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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