Elden Ring Player Invades Using Only a Torch

A very skilled Elden Ring player finds a challenging way to take out other characters in PVP using one of the game’s more unique weapons, St. Trina’s Torch. Many veterans of the souls-like genre have grown so familiar with the style of Elden Ring that some of the game’s bosses and PVP encounters have gotten all too familiar and therefore too easy. As a result, some players resort to using weapons or builds that are not recommended for beginners in order to raise the game’s difficulty. Challenge runs in Elden Ring are increasingly common and a number of players have even beaten the entire game without leveling up at all.


Challenge runs have become a way for more advanced players to continue enjoying the base game without mods. There are many ways to do a challenge run in Elden Ring. Some Elden Ring players have finished the game with a bow, others beat the final boss with a shield. There are an infinite number of possible ways to defeat the diverse enemies found in the Lands Between. Players resort to anything and everything to make the game as hard as possible and flex their skills. Many Elden Ring fans are simply tired of over-powered builds and just want to utilize something original and fun.

One Elden Ring fan decided to change things up and invade other players using only a torch as their weapon. In a video posted to Reddit by KingofEthanopia, the player invades another world with St. Trina’s Torch and defeats two other players. In the video they can be seen running at enemies with the torch and perfectly dodging attacks. After closing the distance, the player attacks with the torch eventually putting the first enemy to sleep and killing them with the subsequent attack. They then focused their attention on the host of the world. As KingofEthanopia attacks, the host runs away using the Bloodhound Step to retreat. Even though the host had every weapon at their disposal, KingofEthanopia’s skills were too much to handle. This player has also successfully used shields in Elden Ring PVP to win a battle.

Sleep in Elden Ring is an underrated mechanic. The status effect has a huge impact on many of Elden Ring’s toughest enemies such as Trolls and the Godskin Apostles or Nobles. Enemies that have low sleep resistance can typically be affected after just one hit.

The use of unconventional weapons and builds is not the only way that players find engaging challenges in Elden Ring. The game’s many mechanics and systems offer a wealth of options for players who want to push themselves further. With so many possibilities for challenge runs, it’s no wonder that Elden Ring continues to captivate and inspire its dedicated player base.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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