Elden Ring Player Has Unintentionally Epic Fight With Crucible Knight

An Elden Ring player shares their increasingly dramatic fight with one of the game’s Crucible Knight enemies, which ends in a very sudden twist.

Elden Ring players can often find themselves in intense situations, as FromSoftware games are famous for their difficult fights. The usual gameplay structure for a game like Elden Ring sees players advance through the game until they hit a difficult boss or area. Players then repeatedly throw themselves at this boss or area, learning more and more about it and advancing slightly with each death until finally they break through.

As demanding as Elden Ring is to its players, there is also a huge element of chance to the game. Bosses will sometimes seem to switch on immediately and kill the player moments after they enter the boss room, while other times they will seem inexplicably passive.


On very rare occasions a boss’s aggression can be its own downfall, as Reddit user SSSmoke found out recently. Sharing a clip of their fight against one of Elden Ring‘s difficult Crucible Knight enemies in the Crumbling Farum Azula, the Reddit user is seen playing very defensively and on the back foot from an endless onslaught of powerful attacks. Luck suddenly shifts in favor of the Reddit user, however, after diving through an archway and landing safely on a jutting out piece of land. Then in a bizarre moment, the Crucible Knight winds up a powerful thrust attack and flies straight out the same archway to its death.

The moment just goes to show how quickly the odds can turn in a FromSoftware game. Players have shared countless clips of Elden Ring fights going tragically wrong in an instant, and most fans of this series will sorely remember a time when they got greedy during a boss fight and were killed with a single hit left to go. Things suddenly going right for the player is more easily accepted and forgotten, but it is good to remember that there is an element of fairness among the randomness of Elden Ring’s fights.

Some Elden Ring enemies are seen as very annoying to players. A Crucible Knight may provide a very challenging fight for players, but at least when the player does win, they will feel the accomplishment of a battle well fought. There are some enemy encounters in Elden Ring which only leave players vowing never to return to that area again.

The Crucible Knight is one of Elden Ring’s many Evergaol boss fights and as such is clearly designed for fighting in a wide-open arena. Not only can it cause its own death when fighting near the bottomless drops of the Crumbling Farum Azula, but its attacks are far too quick and varied for players to reasonably defend against in a narrow hallway. Either way, the Reddit user may have been thankful that the fight went as smoothly as it did, and many other Elden Ring players likely wish their experiences with the Crucible Knight went similarly.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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