Elden Ring Player Gets Pushed Through Wall To Their Death

An Elden Ring player falls to their death after one of the game’s enemies pushes them through a wall. Surprises are the bread and butter of Elden Ring, whether it’s just as simple as an enemy being around a corner, or the fact that Malenia has a second phase. What makes good players in Elden Ring is the ability to adapt to said surprises so that they still come out on top despite the big disadvantage dished out to them. However, it can be a bit tough to adapt to enemies doing something they shouldn’t be capable of.


Caelid is the one area in Elden Ring that most players dread, either through the memes, or the fact that it’s visually horrifying with its red sky and dead ground. What makes it worse are Caelid’s wall-clipping gigantic dogs players see in the distance, among many other enemies that’ll leave the player wishing they didn’t make the mistake of entering Caelid, even if the place will leave them with many memorable moments

One moment in the horrifying region is sure to be remembered by the Elden Ring player. Posting to r/Eldenring, user Camcongab uploaded a video of them trying to get their runes back by climbing a large wooden tower in Caelid. According to the player, they previously died because they tried jumping around to the back of the tower, and that’s how they ended up there. When trying to go back and get the runes, they decided against taking down all the enemies as they did before; a big mistake on their part. As they get on the ledge where their runes are, a spear stabs through the wall and hits them, knocking the player off and making them fall to their death.

The enemy that appears to have pushed this player to their death seems to be the Radahn Soldier seen earlier in the clip. These enemies can wield spears that can reach through walls, so even if the wall stopped the soldier, it didn’t stop the spear. In the comments, there were many users who admonished the player for not taking down this enemy before trying to go for the runes. Caution is an ever-important aspect of Elden Ring because even during times when enemies aren’t clipping through walls, they could ruin a run, like when Leyndell Soldiers shot a player off a high area.

If a player doesn’t have someone watching their back, either through summoning NPCs or even another player, they need to watch their own back. Elden Ring will throw surprises at the player, and some of them will not be intentional, like an Ulcerated Tree Spirit grabbing the player through a wall. In those times, even adaptation won’t save the player, and instead heavy preparation will keep them from dying in the end.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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