Elden Ring Player Enters Boss Fight with Numerous Buffs, Dies Almost Immediately

An Elden Ring player entered a boss fight with numerous buffs, but they died almost immediately while playing in co-op. Elden Ring is a challenging game with many difficult boss fights, especially in its final third and late-game optional areas. Like the Dark Souls games, developer FromSoftware lets gamers summon other players and sometimes NPCs to help with a difficult fight.

Elden Ring also features a buff and debuff system, as fans can use various spells and abilities to improve their stats during combat encounters. It offers a wide variety of buffs, such as massively increasing the power of the next attack or inflicting opponents with blood loss. It’s fairly common for players to apply these buffs before initiating a boss fight, but one user dies almost immediately to a boss after spending considerable time applying buffs.


A Reddit user named JSPR127 was summoned as a co-op partner to face off against Maliketh, one of the final main quest encounters in Elden Ring. As seen in the video, the host uses various abilities to buff themselves as JSPR127 patiently waits for them to start the fight. The host manages to hit the boss for considerable damage, but rolls off the platform, dying almost instantly after initiating the encounter. As opposed to JSPR127, the host was standing fairly close to the edge of the area and probably panic-rolled off the platform to end the fight.

Despite applying several buffs before the beginning of the boss fight, it appears that the host had little knowledge about how this mechanic works in Elden Ring. Many fans in the comment section claim that these buffs don’t stack in the way the host probably imagined, and one of them even overwrites another buff performed later in the process. An Elden Ring player also notices that these buffs did not result in a massive increase in overall damage, as the host barely did more damage than their partner.

One fan believes that some of these buffs were lost by the time the battle started, while other users also point to how the player spent more time increasing their stats than fighting the boss. On the other hand, another player claims to have fallen off the platform in the exact same way, so many users have likely died to Maliketh in Elden Ring this way. Overall, Elden Ring fans believe that the host haphazardly applied buffs without a clear strategy for taking down the boss.

Elden Ring is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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