Elden Ring Player Dies in Ridiculous Way to Glitched Enemy

Though the bosses in Elden Ring are undoubtedly the most memorable fights in the game, some of the regular enemies within the Lands Between can stand out due to their placements in the world. For example, some Elden Ring enemies transform into larger foes and attack the player, though recently one of these transformations bugged out in a funny way.

There are a handful of transforming enemies that can be found within Elden Ring’s world, going from basic mobs to far stronger enemies. Alongside the Runebear and Grafted Scion transformations, gamers can find a Lion Guardian outside of Leyndell. If players enter some ruins, they will stumble upon a basic foe cowering in the corner. If they cut them down, the enemy will turn into a massive Lion Guardian, one of the strongest regular enemies within the Lands Between.


This is exactly what goes down in a clip from Reddit user and Elden Ring player Penchkeg, with the player being fully aware of the jumpscare that happens when the cowering enemy is killed. After drinking some flasks to prepare for the upcoming fight, the Redditor backstabs the enemy, instantly killing them. While they do still turn into a Lion Guardian, they do not land on the ground like they are supposed to do, instead getting stuck in the corner and falling endlessly.

Alongside a funny noise as the enemy continuously bumps into the wall, the clip stands out due to the confusion being displayed by Penchkeg. While they have seemingly fought the enemy before, they likely did not expect to see it bug out like this. Though they could have moved on or tried slashing it from the front to get a free kill, they instead walked around the stuck Lion Guardian, getting a good view of the trapped enemy to make for a better clip. However, their decision to walk behind it proved fatal, as Penchkeg learned that even a buggy Elden Ring enemy can be dangerous.

Dubbed one of the “dumbest ways to die” in FromSoftware games by the Redditor, the clip sees them being kicked to death by the falling Lion Guardian. Much like the enemy, Penchkeg is completely trapped, unable to move as their health bar is quickly lowered. It seems like the game is treating each drop from the boss as if it were landing on top of the Tarnished, with the quick falls quickly killing off the curious player.

With FromSoftware’s latest game being as massive as it is, it is not surprising that there have been several Elden Ring glitches found since release. While this footage was funny to the 16,000 players that upvotes it, Penchkeg was likely a lot less happy to be felled by this buggy Lion Guardian.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Source: Gamerant

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