Elden Ring Player Beats Every Boss Using a Bop-It Toy as a Controller

An Elden Ring player defeated all the game’s bosses while using a Bop It toy as a controller. Many gamers have set a variety of challenges for themselves when trying to complete a title. This includes using unique controllers that the typical player would not think of utilizing.

Gamers have been discovering creative ways to beat Elden Ring, increasing the difficulty of the already tough title. This includes setting weapon restrictions and using odd peripherals, all which can lead to a very impressive victory or catastrophic failure. One player managed to beat the game while using a children’s toy as a controller.


Twitch streamer Swoop Douglas was able to beat the bosses of Elden Ring using a Bop It as game pad. He programmed the toy’s five actions with the commands needed in order to play the title. For example, the flick stick was used as a means of controlling his character and the central button was mapped to his dodge. In an interview with PC Gamer, Douglas explained that he had played the Souls games for thousands of hours and wanted a unique challenge for Elden Ring. After brainstorming, he decided to add a bit of childhood nostalgia in order to make the task more fun.

Douglas continued by stating that he had actually never beaten all of Elden Ring‘s bosses before the Bop It challenge. Using the toy took some getting used to, but once he got the hang of it, it was much easier to utilize than anticipated. He also said that there came a point where it felt more comfortable playing the game on the Bop It than an actual controller and that holding an Xbox game pad after the challenge felt foreign. Douglas’ run using the children’s toy was a great way of creating a unique playthrough while also tapping into the nostalgia of the many gamers who grew up with the Bop It.

Watching gamers take on titles like Elden Ring in unusual ways similar to Douglas can be quite entertaining. These types of challenges are oftentimes fun to watch, especially when the player manages to defeat the game. As time goes on and more intense titles similar to Elden Ring release, creative gamers will find unique and weird ways to complete them, which leads to a fun time for both the challenger and the audience. As time goes on, players will likely get even more creative and figure out even more impressive ways to complete titles that will blow the minds of those watching.

Elden Ring is currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: PC Gamer

Source: Gamerant

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