Elden Ring Meme Points Out Annoying Problem With Stonesword Keys

Elden Ring players point out a continuously annoying nuisance they have encountered with one of the game’s inherent text prompts.

All of FromSoftware’s Souls-like titles feature text prompts for items picked up or interacted with. Elden Ring behaves in the same way, where a text prompt will appear if an item is picked up from the environment that tells players what they have just received and stuck into their inventories. Then, a button input is also needed in Elden Ring to close that prompt at the player’s discretion.

In an intractable animation, such as when players slowly push open doors, invincibility frames are given to players that temporarily disable their hurtboxes. But when the animation ends and the player’s hurtboxes are re-enabled, the appearance of a text prompt can be a considerable nuisance. Elden Ring features many UI symbols and text prompts, such as the one when Stonesword Keys are slotted into an Imp Statue, and players have gathered to lament about how troublesome they can be at the most inconvenient of times.


Redditor u/SnooChocolates1726 shares a meme from American Chopper‘s popular Senior and Junior template, where the text prompt “Stonesword Key was lost with use” enters into a heated debate with the player, who is frustrated by the incessant notification while they are attacked by an enemy and subsequently killed due to the on-screen distraction. The insistence of these prompts can potentially lead to a player’s death if they are attacked while they are preoccupied trying to close it, making Elden Ring‘s Imp Statues fairly perilous if interacted with at the wrong time.

Other prompts that have frustrated players include the “Somewhere, a heavy door has opened” text that commonly appears after players pull the hidden lever needed to open the doors to some of Elden Ring‘s dungeon boss fights and “The Beast Eye quivers” text that appears when Deathroot is nearby. In addition, the “Resummon steed by consuming one charge of the Flask of Crimson Tears?” text has frustrated players when trying to summon Torrent after it has perished and the player was dismounted.

Few of these prompts even cancel any other inputs or animations, which lead directly to players’ deaths if they fail to notice the prompt is still there or do not know how to close it. Fortunately, all players need to do is press the same input they use for interactions in the first place to close them, but it can still mean life or death in Elden Ring if a prompt appears while enemies are near. These prompts are not going anywhere if FromSoftware has their way, however, so it is a feature players will need to learn to adapt to in the UI as much as where their items and spells are equipped.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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