Elden Ring Lobster Jumps on Tree During Fight

The bosses of Elden Ring may often be the focus of clips and videos, as they provide the greatest challenges and arenas within FromSoftware’s latest game. However, the regular enemies that roam the Lands Between can be just as formidable, and one used a very unique move against an Elden Ring player.

When roaming around Elden Ring’s open world, one of the most intimidating forces that players can encounter is not a troll or dragon, but a giant lobster. These lobsters can be found in a few areas, though players will likely have their first encounter with them in Liurnia of the Lakes. Far more formidable than Elden Ring’s giant crabs, the lobsters have unpredictable and ferocious attack patterns that allow them to hit players with a flurry of attacks. They also have huge health bars, which means that it is usually more worthwhile to just avoid fighting them in the first place.


However, Reddit user BloodlessMuffins was determined to take out the massive crustacean, and they found a solid strategy to do so. Instead of fighting this Elden Ring enemy on the ground, the Redditor climbed onto Torrent and rode directly behind the lobster. They then began spamming attacks, hitting its tail numerous times and following it as it turned away. Based on the footage, this attempt to “cheese” the beast was working well, as it slowly turned as the Redditor whittled down its health bar.

However, the lobster clearly had enough of this Elden Ring strategy, fleeing the site of the battle instantly with a jump. Instead of landing somewhere else in the lake like it usually does, though, the lobster had taken the high ground. After briefly scanning their surroundings, the Redditor looked up to see the lobster atop a tree. They then used their ranged attack at the player, showing that they were just as dangerous when camping from above. The clip then ends with the hilarious “we’ll be right back” meme.

Unsurprisingly, the strange and funny clip has done well on Reddit, getting over 11,000 upvotes from the Elden Ring community. Many found it entertaining that the lobster decided to counter the player with its own trick to cheese the fight, as they would have been impossible to reach if the Redditor did not have one of Elden Ring’s bows or some ranged spells. Clearly, players that are fighting this lobster should be careful of their surroundings, as the creature has a chance to leap into a position like this one.

While there are plenty of funny Elden Ring clips to watch online, this one is particularly relatable. After all, most players that have fought one of these hulking lobsters likely struggled to bring them down on their first attempt.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Source: Gamerant

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