Elden Ring Fan Makes the Elden Beast in Spore

One Reddit user took to Maxis and Electronic Arts’ 2008 life sim Spore to recreate Elden Ring’s monstrous, otherworldly final boss.

Developed by the now-defunct Maxis and published by Electronic Arts in 2008, Spore was an ambitious life sim that promised players infinite possibilities as they crafted a custom alien species and cultivated it into a galaxy-spanning civilization. Though it stumbled somewhat in its execution, it maintains a cult fan base nearly fifteen years after release. The creature creation tools remain a major draw, and players have used them to replicate everything from Minecraft mobs to Pokemon. One imaginative Reddit user even managed to remake the final boss of FromSoftware’s 2022 RPG Elden Ring in the game.


In a post submitted to the Elden Ring subreddit, user royalmaker686 revealed a fantastic recreation of the Elden Beast generated in Spore’s creature creator. Authentically slug-like and stunningly iridescent, it certainly seems like a life form worthy of holding dominion in a FromSoftware game. Interestingly enough, royalmaker686 also made a version of Dragonlord Placidusax, one of Elden Ring’s most well-hidden bosses.

Complete with a description and set of tags meant to make fun of the oft-criticized Elden Ring final boss, this Spore variant reflects the frustrations of ill-equipped tarnished who entered the final encounter without an optimized build. Players who prioritized holy damage or made liberal use of certain sorceries, for instance, may have struggled with the Elden Beast, as it’s nigh-on immune to some spells, and holy damage actually heals it.

Weirdly enough, Spore and Elden Ring also share an unlikely connection in their cosmic underpinnings. Both games are, in a sense, about amassing enough power to rule the cosmos, and, while that transpires in a much more literal sense in Spore, some of Elden Ring’s endings—the one brought about by finishing Ranni the Witch’s questline, in particular—offer glimpses at the potentially-galactic implications of the game’s events. Disinterested players can more-or-less ignore the story should they desire, of course, and, a bit like Spore, players are mostly free to do as they please and forge their own paths forward.

Another kinship the otherwise wildly different games have can be seen in their character creation systems. While nowhere near as in-depth as what’s offered in Spore, Elden Ring allows players to create some pretty weird and wonderful characters. Designing everything from Friends’ Ross Geller to Image Comics’ Spawn, Elden Ring players have pushed the game’s character creation options to their limits—something that fans have been doing in Spore since the game debuted more than a decade ago.

Source: Gamerant

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